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My name is Ava Capra. I'm an Italian babe with big dreams, living in sunny Los Angeles, California. I was born in the Beverly Hills Hospital (oh, so bougie) and grew up in a cute little town called La Crescenta. I'm a family gal. Very close to my mother, and I consider her to be my everything. My mother manages us all, and is the glue to our family.
I have a little brother, Asa, who has autism. He is my gym partner in crime and the most handsome, smartest guy I know. He is a talented animator, who is living proof of a person who overcomes all the odds. I have an older brother, Francis, who is the actor of the family. I grew up on sets with him on "Veronica Mars" all my life and he inspired me to be in front of the camera.   I love my brother Francis beyond words, and I miss him. My older sister, Chanel is a writer, and I go EVERYWHERE with her. Every party, every event.
Around my pre-teens, I was in an awkward place in my life. We finally got away from my father and my house became peaceful. Home was not a battlefield anymore, and we weren't living in fear. Right when I thought I had it together, I got scared with something else. Starting at this age, I used to get shooting pains on my side and I would wake up leaning towards one hip. It got progressively worse everyday, so I went to the emergency room. The doctors told me that I had scoliosis and that I'd have to wear a brace everyday for the rest of my life. I would look in the mirror every morning and cry and ask myself why this happened to me. My dreams were crushed and I never thought I'd be standing here today, scoliosis free, but by God's will, I am. It was a miracle to overcome that trial at such a young age. With lots of therapy and strong prayers, God healed my spine and made it brand new. My prayers were unbreakable.
In middle school, Teenagers never understood me. They couldn't fathom why I wasn't sneaking out every night, getting high with friends and making out with boys. I was the untouchable girl that was "popular" for everyone knowing who I was, not for what I've done. I had my cliques and my childhood friends here and there, but as the peer pressure became more intense, I always ended up alone. I wanted to pursue a different path. Eventually the peer pressure turned into bullying and got out of hand. People would always find something to bicker about. Girls telling me "I can't sing" right after I'd sing an Alicia Keys song at a talent show, or telling me "Why do you look like a barbie doll? Your such a dumb blonde!" whenever I would wear a cute outfit, look different from them, or put my hair in knots. Boys started bullying me, too, putting crazy glue in my hair for attention. It was just plain cruel. When my mother discovered that I was #10 on a Columbine type of "Hit-List", that's when she pulled me out of school, put me in homeschooling, and I never looked back. I was there one day, and gone the next. I don't ever regret  making that choice, because if I wasn't pulled out of school, I wasn't going to survive.  I never belonged, because I had a dream and couldn't help believe it would come true. My dream was to become a singer, to be famous, and to entertain the world in some way. I'll never forget singing around the school yard, or writing songs underneath the trees after class. The first song I ever officially wrote was when I was twelve years old, "Strength to Grow Wings" it was about me wanting to get picked up quickly from school before it started raining and having a hard day in school.  Music was the air that I breathed since I was two years old. Songwriting found me, and it gave me an escape towards my problems and my overall teen "angst" issues. Put it this way, I have a lot of "Linkin Park" songs, Lol.
So when I went to homeschool, my normal school routine changed. I would go to school only twice a week to take tests and the rest of my days were filled with working on my craft. This was when I became more in depth with my songwriting. Since I had more time on my hands, I would write down whatever I felt and put it in a song. For my fifteenth birthday, I got a keyboard and even if I didn't know how, I would play the keys till my fingers fell off. Homeschooling was the perfect medium to focus on everything in life. I was able to create some relationships along the way with other homeschooled students in my charter. I joined the ASB , formed relationships, and I got to walk to the local deli across the street for the first time with new friends. I felt so cool and independent. We all used to come into homeschooling at the same time, so after class, we'd get a couple of students, grab some guitars and jam out in front of school. For the first time in those years, I finally felt like I had a normal social life. There was no bullying, no judgement, just a good time for a little while till our rides were there. It made up for the unwanted chaos that I was put through in middle school. Yet along the way, I felt like I was missing something. My family and I are major animal lovers. I grew up with pitbulls, cats, turtles, lizards, snakes, scorpions, fish, hamsters, a rabbit, you name it. For me, having my own petting zoo wasn't enough. I had a rabbit named "Stinky" when I was little, but he passed away from a heat stroke. When I was sixteen, I was going through some rough phases in my life and I felt like I needed an animal companion again. After trying hamsters in the past,  I wanted a pure white bunny. I looked online at every bunny foundation, but there was no rabbit that I saw that was going to heal my heart. One day, our family hears baby meows in our attic. Apparently, there was a cat who gave birth to two kittens in our attic. I freaked out, because God gave me this blessing at the perfect time. Eventually, the mother plopped her kids outside in the back of our shed and ever since then, I have fallen in love. I found two pure white kittens that have taken over my world. And I didn't just find one, I found two! Casper and Powder. Powder is deaf, and skinnier. He is a cutie and super affectionate, but he doesn't like to be held. Casper is my baby. He has over a hundred nicknames, because I always call him something new. I discover something more adorable about him everyday. He has turned me into a cat lover and he is my King. Both of these buns have made my heart whole and they've given me so much joy.
Around this part of my life, I was still playing my music, but another passion was burning within me. When I was younger, I always loved opening those magazines and seeing beautiful women striking poses. I would wait every year for the Victoria's Secret show to come on TV. One night, I stayed up one night and took a bunch of my own selfies with this little Sony digital camera that I taped to my wall.  It was the most hilarious photo shoot of my life (but I guess this is where I mastered the "selfie"). To my surprise, three out of the five top agencies I submitted myself called me back immediately. LA Models really loved my face, but wanted me to be taller for runway. Elite said the same thing, but FORD models called me into a meeting.  I was so nervous at this meeting. I had to wear a bikini, strut down a huge hallway, and pretend I was a Top model. They weighed me and measured me, took a bunch of polaroids and digitals and then sat me in a room with my mother and sister. To our surprise, they signed me right there on the spot.  I was signed with FORD Models and I thought my life was going to be changed forever. It wasn't..I was told to dye my hair darker because everyone thought I looked like Natalie Portman, and to my disappointment, I hardly went on any auditions but I never gave up and just took the time to work on my music and my education.  When I did go out on auditions, I just used each opportunity to train myself for the future. My time with FORD helped me gain more confidence and helped me with my audition presence. Being signed with FORD was amazing, but I ended up learning that just because you get signed with a "big" agency, doesn't mean you will have success handed to you, and it doesn't mean that you'll book work. You have got to do all of the work on your own. I took a small break from modeling to focus more on my schoolwork( became apart of the ASB), started doing covers on Youtube for my singing, I and joined the youth group at my church.
So as soon as I reached eighteen and my contract with FORD was over, I graduated from homeschooling, and was ready to get back into the modeling game on my own terms. I found a boutique agency called OTTOMODELS, that accepted petite models. I sent in my photos and they gave me an audition for a "Dave and Buster's" commercial, which I booked. The agency was so impressed that they signed me and the owners of the agency took me under their wing and sent me out on every audition that came into their office, despite me only being tiny. Still being a petite model wasn't easy and never is. Although I booked great jobs, like starring in Ed Sheeran's music video, "SING!" then experiencing my first kiss with a hot guy on a Japanese commercial (I was wearing bright red lipstick and I got paid five hundred bucks.) I'd go into castings with women twice my height and it was scary to know that I was different. However, it's a risk that I was always willing to take and being scared that I was different never stopped me from continuing on. I stopped caring about who was towering over me and started caring about what I was doing. That confidence in myself made all the difference when I would walk into a room. Before I knew it, I started booking commercials, print work, and music videos on the regular.  My first official grown up year was one of the best years in my career, because it launched me as an individual and I was doing what made me happy. Later that year, the Ed Sheeran music video I was in, "SING" won a VMA and I was overjoyed to see myself on those big screens and to think that I was a fraction of that milestone. From castings to castings, bookings to bookings, I met the most amazing people that year and I am forever grateful for getting a chance to have met them along the way.
Just when I turned nineteen, I found castings being held for the TV Show, "America's Next Top Model." If you knew me during my childhood, you knew that ANTM was my favorite show. I would stay up watching re-runs over and over. I remember even reenacting the poses and the challenge shoots with my friends. Because I was petite, I never thought I could be on the show. Then came the dream of all dreams come true. Tyra announced that they were taking away the height requirement.  I had to submit myself, just to know that I did it. I didn't know if I'd ever get the chance to be on the show, but auditioning was part of the dream. So in October of 2014, I began the auditioning process to be on cycle 22. Scared but determined, I put all my cards on the table, not knowing the results. At this time of my life, I was in my second year of college, a working model with an instagram account that had four thousand followers,(you could say I was feeling oats, just a little).  As positive calls started coming in from ANTM producers, I felt closer to the possibility that this may happen for me, so I had to get my catwalk on.  Everyday, I would walk around campus in stripper heels for practice. ( I had to break my feet in for that ANTM runway!) Remember that episode they had college girls running around in stilettos in the dark, or the episode they walked the runway in stilts?  Like I said before ,nothing comes to anyone if they aren't willing to work.  I wanted to show God just how hard I was willing to work for this chance and believe me, my feet, ankles and calves were praying for a miracle. Then it happened. The producers called me one night to tell me I made the thirty finalist cut and I needed to be prepared to travel for two months if I made the next two cuts. I dropped the phone, and fell to my knees in tears because this was such a dream come true.  I took that leap of faith, and before I knew it, I was in casting week and made it to the top fourteen finalists. I was shipped away for two months, on my own. I didn't know what was ahead. Being that I never even slept out before, I went from one to one hundred, REAL quick( See all of my ANTM Memorabilia under "Gallery" tab). My motto from the show was "Keep Your Legs Closed, and Your Bible Open." That quote was something that I've lived by and I had the pleasure of sharing it with the world. My purity and yet the ability to take sexy photos, dress up, be fun and flirty was something I wanted other girls like me to know they could be.  Just because you are a good girl, that doesn't make you boring or a prude.  My Flower Crowns and optimism and innocence, deemed me "The Flower Child" on the show. I am so glad that viewers felt like I represented something they could relate to or someone they could possibly look up to. I couldn't help praising Jesus on television. God got me to where I was, so I never was ashamed to glorify His name in every victory. I will never be ashamed to showcase my love for God..
Things in the house went into full gear when I won "Best Photo". It was all such a dream. The prize was a stay in the "Tyra Suite" and as a fan of the show, I couldn't believe it was happening to me.  I was living my dream, and then came the biggest challenge of all...My "Tyover". My "Tyover" was "The Model Mullet." I wasn't expecting to get the most drastic makeover of the cycle, to be honest. A nice trim would've been fine, but I definitely was not expecting a mullet! So, as I'm sitting in the chair and my blonde locks are falling down the cape, I'm giving my best poker face. At that moment I was just so excited to be getting a "Tyover", that whatever makeover it was, I just went with it and I didn't care, but as soon as I got back to the house, I felt it. It hurt so much, but I wanted to be in this competition so bad, that I did my best to brush it off. I had to learn how to work this hair. This entire new look, including dying my hair brown, in twenty four hours.  I was no longer a California blonde bohemian girl. I had an edgy, rocker look. It was like the girl I looked like for the last nineteen years of my life, was gone. I managed to hold my own in the competition after that, but I admit, the mullet was something I never really got over. The whole experience for me was an exciting roller-coaster, but hands down the greatest opportunity I've had. It made me grow up and have more knowledge of life and how precious it could be. It made me realize how lucky I am to have the family that I have. The exposure after the show opened SO many doors for me. Being a petite model gave me the ability to break the stereotypes of the fashion world. My height is the average height of the young girls and women buying these beautiful clothes, so it was important for those buyers to see themselves on the runway...Yes, runway was something I dreamt of but didn't think it was possible till I strutted myself on ANTM and designers got to see that I can work my walk.  Now, I not only do print, commercial, editorial and acting work, but I have walked multiple runways in NYFW and LAFW!  "America's Next Top Model" gave me the chance to inspire so many flowers around the world and I've only just began to bloom. Wearing flower crowns sparked my idea to create a look for myself. Aside from modeling, songwriting, endorsing products, and eating, shopping is one of my favorite hobbies to do, furthermore creating outfits that give me my own unique style...It has been such a humbling blessing. The world is my garden and I am planting my dreams. Currently, I am modeling, acting, writing songs, endorsing products, still going to college and designing. I've been through so much in my life, but I have never forgotten the one who has given His life for me and the one who never fails to catch me when I fall. I thank Jesus for every part of my life and for the future. I give all my gratitude to my mother and sister, who have raised me.  It's a full life that I am living and I want whoever is reading this to know that if I am able to live this life so can you. Never give up...We are all in this together...I love you.

Me, fresh out of the womb. I was a premature baby. I almost died, and my heart stopped alot. 

Beach baby.

Always excited about food!

Always wore knots.

Bratz and barbies were my thing.

Halloween, 2000. I was Britney Spears, "Oops I did it Again" in Kindergarten.

School talent show. I did an acting skit from "I Love Lucy" called "Vitameatavegamin." After that talent show, I continued singing at every talent show each year. I sang "Since You Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys, and "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera.

 12th Birthday in San Diego.

My first middle school dance...I hated it, lol!

Once I left public middle school, I went through my "emo stage.." Linkin Park, contacts, and colored hair pieces from Hot topic was my forte..I thought I was "scene", lol!

I ended up joining a new youth group. Such great memories! 

Aruba, 2010

Signed to Ford, my comp card. 

That one time Ford decided to make me a brunette..They quickly changed it back to blonde. ;)

When I started homeschooling, I was apart of ASB.

That one time Shaquille O'Neal put me in his shoe, cause I was so tiny!

Me with my siblings. Chanel (left) Francis (Right) Asa ( Lower left) 

  First day of first grade!

Usher and I, 2004.

6th grade graduation.

I've grown up on sets all of my life..Super blurry, but this was on the "Heros" set with Hayden Panettiere.

Country western-themed choir performance in middle school.

First youth group I ever attended  to help me get by my first year of homeschooling.

My first music video set experience, behind the scenes!

For my 16th birthday, I really wanted a keyboard. Dreams do come true..

Math class selfie!

My teacher for 4 years in homeschooling, Deeana!

I was still was apart of a Youth group, doing short skits and activities.

Around this time, I found my babies..Click image above to see their story.

Totally went through an ombre hair stage..

Graduated homeschooling! Class of 2013.

 Started college..

Performing in vocal class.

Was apart of the college choir!

I took this image by myself with my little digital camera in my bathroom..This image got me signed to Otto, and is my signature shot since day 1. How crazy is that? Thank God for 10 second timers... ;)

Beginning Flower Child stage..

Family at the "Veronica Mars" movie premiere! Supporting Sassy.

The social years..

Back in my hiking days..Hiking was my favorite hobby to do with my good friends. I would hike up the biggest mountains everyday to relieve all of the stress during that time in my life. Although I don't talk to mostly half of these people anymore, At least I can say that I met some good people along the way.

My first appearance in a short film! BELONG

"Veronica Mars" Movie set with Kristen Bell and my brother, Sassy! ( Yes, that's his nickname I used to call him when I was little because I couldn't say "Francis"...Don't ask why, lol!)

My first editorial spread in ELLEMENTS Magazine, 2014.

This was actually my first official photoshoot that I've ever done! Baby Ava, 18.

Book Cover Novels with cute guys. My job's not too shabby. ;)

Dave and Buster's Commercial!
I was so happy and excited to get familiar with the commercial world.

GU Japan Commercial! Had my first kiss + cherry red lipstick= messy.

Ed Sheeran- "SING" Music Video. One of the biggest highlights of my career..Getting to meet one of my favorite singers and being in his music video! Love Ed Sheeran..Truly an experience that I will never forget.

The Vamps- "Somebody To You" Music Video. I had a blast on this music video shoot!

Reginae Carter- "Mind Goin' Crazy" Music Video. Craziest, most coolest hairstyle ever done to me on set? The pretzel twist knots, hands down!


​STILA Cosmetics shoot.

EMA MTV Promo.

STYLES FOR LESS print shoot.

Vivo Phone China commercial.

Eileen Carey- "Bottle Your Crazy Up" Country Music Video!

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos

Ava Capra photos