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Dad And Daryl's Dick - by Kip Hawk - A man is crazy for his sixteen year old son's cock. (M/m-teen, ped, inc, oral)

Dad And Uncle Joe - by Bossman - I was starting to think the only reason Uncle Joe was staying with us was because of what he, Mum and Dad were doing in the bedroom. But changed when they started to use me in their fun. (MM/f-teen, ped, inc, alcohol)

Daddy And Friend Discover Horny Allie - by Allie - A sequel to Daddy discovers new panties. A horny Allie thinks she is alone for the day, but Daddy and his friend come home and discover her. She can't resist showing off her slutty ways to the both of them. (MMf, ped, inc, mast, anal, orgy)

Daddy Discovers New Panties - by Allie - Allie's Daddy notices that she's got some new slutty panties on that she shouldn't. He decides to investigate and teach her what being a slut is all about. (Mf, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, anal)

Daddy Becomes Mommy - by Marci Manseau - A story about a father who's more like a mother, and his very close relationship with his 13 year old daughter, her best friend, and her best friend's father. (MMf, bi, ped, transex, inc, cd)

Daddy Dearest - by Coleen - Underage forced sex of daughter - "Now where was I... oh yes, she had just got done sucking daddy off and fingering herself. This type of nightly ritual went on for sometime, and since she was going through puberty and was enjoying all the new feelings. She vowed this was her and daddy's secrets." (MMf, rp, inc, ped, v)

Daddy Disciplines Lisa - by Charles Dodgson - Seven year old Lisa, affectionately called Cuddlebunny by her dad, a very cute, adorable little girl, masturbates constantly. Dad designs a special discipline session for Lisa that he hopes will cure her of her compulsive masturbating, once and for all. (M/g, extreme-ped, reluc, inc, bd)

Daddy Does The School Dance - by Heatheranne - Multipal short stories of the students, teachers and parents who attend a school dance. (MF, teens, inc)

Daddy Go Wank, Why Don't You? - by Peter Pan - In response to LDZ's epic tome of paedophilic implausibility below, carrying the dynamically original title of "Very Young Daughter Having Sex With Daddy," before the FBI cart LDZ away for further 'interrogation' I thought cute little Katie deserved her 'right of reply.' (M/f-toddler, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, humor)

Daddy Helps Out - by Lanka Cream - A father is called upon to offer assistance and some male protection on his daughter's annual class camping trip. He is tempted into forbidden lust when surrounded by so many young girls in an isolated area of forest and bush land. His daughter's voluptuous 15-year-old friend offers a treat to satisfy his carnal thirst. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc, preg)

Daddy-In-Law And The Improper Woman - by BunnyGirl - "[The story] is light hearted, cheery, and sexy, I had fun reading it!" Lord M.(MF, inc, rom)

Daddy Invites Me To Bed - by Vampyregirl - A couple of weeks after my twelfth birthday my daddy asked me to come to bed with him. I love my daddy so much so of course I agreed... (Mg, ped, inc, oral, 1st)

NEW Daddy Loves Nicole - by Blank in the Blank - A loving father becomes attracted to his 13-year-old daughter's developing young body. Curiosity ensues. (M/f-teen, ped, voy, inc)

Daddy Made Me - by Sumddy - Insolent daughter tries to leave the house, and father stopping her leads to her saying no, but really meaning, yes. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, inc, 1st, mast, oral, bd, v)

Daddy Makes On Me - by Radioman - My daddy pees on me and I like it. Sometimes I even beg him to whip out his big dick and take a leak right on my face. How did I get this perverted, some people may wonder? Well, it all started last year when my father and I went on vacation to the Jersey shore. We shared a room because we didn't have enough money for separate quarters. (Mf, inc, ws)

Daddy Marry Me - by Ric9009 - Tami is told by her mother that her father, Peter, is not her real father. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st, preg, rom, oral, anal)

Daddy's Baby Girl - by Charlo - A story about the first time in an incestuous affair between a father and pre-teen daughter, from the child's point of view. (M/g, ped, inc, 1st)

Daddy's Baby Girl - by Megansdaddie - Megan's father starts down the road to incest one evening while his wife is away and his fantasies turn to his eleven year old daughter. (Mg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, mast, oral) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Daddy's Baby Girl - by Mtnman2003 - An encounter between Daddy and his baby girl. Old enough and with desires, she pleases Daddy. (M/F-teen, inc)

Daddy's Darling Daughter - by Jones - Ted's wife left him and their 10 year old daughter Andi two years ago. Now Andi was 12 years old, maturing and she was as beautiful as her wayward mother. Ted hadn't had another woman for two years and desperately needed love. And, Andi was in love with her daddy. (Mg, ped, inc, bi, exh, oral, mast)

Daddy's Delight - by Dan Glingcock - Dad has always fantasized about young girls but never did anything about it. His wife would like to have him fulfill his fantasy and the perfect person to do it with is their young daughter. Mom teaches her daughter everything she needs to know to satisfy daddy and finally gets his fantasy. (MFg, ped, bi, inc, scat)

Daddy's Familiar Little Cunt - by Negative Creep - A daughter learns to enjoy being her daddy's little whore. (M/f-teen, nc, ped, inc, oral)

Daddy's Girls - by Alvin Leader - Daddy got a new job; now he'll be home every night to be with his girls. His wife even wants him to give them thier baths. Unexpected things happen and even mother joins them in the tub. (MF/gg, ped, inc)

Daddy's Girl - by Coleen - Father has sex with young daughter - "I finished my shower and turned to leave the shower, when Daddy entered the room. I looked at him in surprise as I had been taking care of my own drying for years now, but while I started toweling dry my hair he just watched. (Mf, inc, ped)

Daddy's Girl - by Eros - Daughter becomes father's "Daddy's Girl" when she becomes his lover. (Mf, ped, inc)

Daddy's Girl - by Girlie's Girl - This story is about a 10 year old girl who adores her father and gets a chance to experience her Daddy in ways she never knew could be possible. (M/g, extreme-ped, inc, bd, ws)

Daddy's Girl - by Htsxkittn - A father comes to pick up his young daughter after his and her mother's divorce. He can't help but love his daughter, in more ways than one. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Daddy's Girl - by Scorpio00155 - A single father finds a most unusual way to disapline an unruly daughter. In a very unusual and quite pleasurable way. (M/f-teen, inc, fath-daut)

Daddy's Girl - by SuzyQ - The sight of his little girl's ass makes him lose control! (M/f-teen, ped, voy, inc, nc)

Daddy's Little Cocksucker - by Bad Daddy - Dad teaches daughter how to please him. (Mg, extreme-ped, exh, inc, reluc, 1st, oral)

Daddy's Little Girl - By Anon - Daddy finds out his daughter likes the family dog among other things. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, beast, voy)

Daddy's Little Girl Needs Attention - by Cyberdog - My daughter came to live with me when she was 13. She's now 15 and pregnant with my baby. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, preg)

Daddy's Little Office Slut - by Eros - Father and daughter have a very special ongoing relationship that would be considered perverted to anyone else. But to them it's as natural as anything. (M/F-teen, inc)

Daddy's Secret Diary - by The Tall Man - A widowed father's entries into his secret diary, about his love for his daughter. (M/F-teen, inc)

Daddy's Tool - by TexHubby - Darla monkeys around with her daddy the mechanic. (MF, inc) Part 2

Daddy, Watch Me Dance - by Frisky Papa - Haunted since childhood, Tiffany has spent her entire adult life searching for the sexual satisfaction that only her father's thick calloused hand against her soft resilient bottom could deliver. The one day she believes her search has finally come to an end. (Mdom/F, inc, voy, mast)

Daddy's Wedding Gift - by John Jabbin - A father is infuriated that his daughter is marrying a real creep. When the kids get drunk out of their minds at the wedding reception and end up crashed out up in her bedroom while trying to get in on, dad gets a chance to work out his frustrations. (MF, nc, inc, rough)

Dad Likes to Watch - by Young and Hot Trace - Daughter discovers that her step dad peeks at her in secret. (M/F-teen, voy, inc, bi)

Dad Loves Kyle's Ass - by Kip Hawk - A man is addicted to fucking his son's ass, even though the boy is only thirteen. (M/m-teen, ped, inc, anal)

Dad's Bucking Bronco - by Kip Hawk - A father rewards his sixteen-year old son with a blowjob after the boy wins a junior rodeo. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, oral)

Dad's Faggot - by Kip Hawk - A drunk father makes his young son into a faggot after his wife leaves him. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, inc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

Dad's Little Room - by Q12 - A son discovers a secret about his father... and himself. (M-solo, bi, inc, voy, mast, toy)

Daddy's Little Slut - by Lukeleia - Daddy gets to sample his teenage daughter... and later her best friend. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc, voy, oral)

Dad's Niteout - by Nova - A husband and wife play a little bondage game where she's tied to the bed and blindfolded. They pretend that she's being taken by a stranger. Well, at least once he decides to do just that, and with his 70-year-old father as the "stranger." (MMF, wife-sharing, inc, nc)

Dad's Surprise Christmas Gift - by Kip Hawk A grown man recalls a special Christmas Eve with his father during his teen years. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Dani Does The Right Thing - by Vulgus - A dark tale about a young woman and the abuse she suffered as a young girl at the hands of her stepfather and his cronies. Then after escaping, what happens when she and her daughter are put back into that terrible situation once again. (M+/g, Mm/Ff, ped, nc, v, inc, oral, anal, huml)

Danielle Turns the Tables - by PuppyLoverDawn - Danielle learns her perverted brother and his friend are doing naughty things to her while she is asleep and decides to get revenge. (mf-yteens, inc, voy, nc, rp, bi, mast)

Danny and DorAnn: Loving Siblings - by Obmuj - Danny and DorAnn find teen love is perfect, even though they are siblings. Danny even finds love can take place between mother and son, which is a complete surprise. Marilyn, the children's mother, finally has enough of her sexless husband and even explores inter-racial sex to assist in her life. (F/mf-teens, ped, inc, inter, 1st)

Danny and Jenny - by davedax - A sister helps her brother through a fever. (MF, inc, ws, exh, rom)

Danny's Mom Makes Him A Motherfucker - by MuffDiver - A teenage boy is seduced by his mother, marking the beginning of a lifelong intense and vigorous sexual relationship between them. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Dark And Delicious - by EROS - A white man working in the south starts "dating" a pretty black teenager only to fall in with the whole family. (MFmf, ped, inc, intr, orgy)

Darkroom Discovery - by Kewtieboy - A married man explores his homosexual side in the darkrooms and gay bars of Berlin but discovers that his teenage son has a similar interest. (MM, adult/teen, inc, mast, oral, anal, orgy) Part 2

Darla - by Anonymous - Having a sexual relationship with family members can get started in just about any variety of situations, some because one or more member has the definite hots for the other, and some because of circumstances that arise almost out of nowhere. Mine arose simply because of my sister, and what she did with her birthday present. (MF, inc, voy)

Darla's Video Camera - by Anonymous Author - Having a sexual relationship with family members can get started in just about any variety of situations, some because one or more member has the definite hots for the other, and some because of circumstances that arise almost out of nowhere. Mine arose simply because of my sister, and what she did with her birthday present. (MF, bro/sis, inc)

Darling Mother - by FOXI - A mother sees potential in her hot young daughter and plans a night of sexy entertainment. (F/F-teen, inc, mast, oral, anal-play, beast)

Darren's Ditch Day - by Michelle Mitchell - Sister learns about incest in college Sociology class. Then, in succession, stumbles upon (a) brother masturbating to orgasm and (b) brother having sex with their Mom. Then she gets to sample brother and is inspired to try Dad! (FFM, inc, voy)

Date Rape - by Bad Mojo - Sam traps his sister in a compromising position and takes advantage of her against her will. (mf, bro/sis, inc, rp)

Date With Mom - by Eros - A divorce makes for a lonely existence, until a guy places a personal ad in the paper only to find that the love of his life doesn't fall far from the family tree. (MF, inc)

Daughter Fulfills Daddy's Special Needs - by Lanka Cream - Father has his very attractive but very young daughter as his main masturbation fantasy. His fantasy does not involve penetration, but it is highly erotic and forbidden. His pubescent daughter secretly discovers him in torrid masturbation while crying out her name and his fantasy is revealed to her. She spies on him for months. Eventually, she succumbs to her young urges when fate and circumstances throw the opportunity her way. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st)

Daughter Gets The Goat - by Bob Hawkins - It all started one day while Dawn was sitting in the woods reading a library book and a small boy in a cowboy costume came up to her and talked her into letting him tie her up with his toy lasso. (MFFb, ped, nc, rp, inc, beast, bi, bd, gb, voy)

Daughter in-law - by Jenny - A sexy young newly married woman accidentally sees her father-in-law’s huge cock. Before long they are enjoying each other's bodies. (MMF, wife, inc, exh, oral, cuck)

Daughter In-law Loves Cock - by Jenny - A young daughter-in-law gets caught cheating by her father-in-law, and suffers the consequences. (M/F-teen, wife, cheat, inc, size)

Daughter Mine - by Anonymous - A widower discovers that his daughter is more of a woman than he ever knew. (MF, inc)

Daughter On Top - by Ray Todd - "Is this cunt hot enough for you?" she whispered. With her dress now off, Ted just stared at her small, but firm tits with their big cherry-hard nipples. Trembling like a leaf, the wildly aroused youth reached out and grasped the young girl, drawing her deliciously naked body into his arms, covering her thrilling nipples with his hot wet mouth. (M+/f-teen, mf-teens, 1st, inc, orgy)

Daughter's Desires - by Mtnman2003 - A daughter finds desire for her Daddy. But it took his girlfriend to bring them out. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, inc)

Daughter's Horny Urge - by Eros - A teenage girl has "urges" that her parents end up helping her with. (MF/f-teen, ped, 1st, family-inc)

Daughter's Prison - by SilentAllTheseYears - Her father constantly molests a young daughter over many years until he finally gets her pregnant. (M/f, nc, inc, preg)

Daughter's Reward - by Beating Off Bob - To get Megan to improve her behavior and do better in school, Daddy gave her little rewards when she did better. A touch here... a kiss there... a tweak, or maybe a little suck. And she DID do better. Now she's bringing home a report card with all A's and Megan knows EXACTLY what reward she wants this time. Can daddy resist her? (M/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, preg)

Daughter Teases Daddy - by Jenny - Teen daughter wants to tease her daddy. (MMf, voy, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

David And His Mum - by Eager46 - Fourteen year old David surprises his mum as she masturbates in her room. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, inc, mast, voy)

Dawn - by Guard Dog - A Father's guilty affair. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st)

Dawn And Danny - by Anon - Dawn enjoys driving her twin brother Danny crazy with her gorgeous teenage body. When he tries to shock her by exposing himself, she decides it's time he lost his virginity. (MF-teens, 1st, inc, rom)

Day After the Wedding - by dale10 - The day after Mick's wedding he has to report to his Dad and uncle for a discipline session. (M+/M-teen, inc, orgy, nc, v, bi, tor, huml, spank)

Day I Found Mum's Vibro, The - by Bossman - Lisa, a fifteen year old, finds her mum's toy and fantasises about her dad, and finally lures him into her fantasy. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy)

Days To Remember - by Jolynn's Ego - Jolynn first enjoyed sex (perhaps not at first) with her father. Then her life got turned upside down and sideways. When Jolynn was drugged and became a star in porn a movie and got a nine year old girl's cherry on her finger tips. (Mbb/g, gg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, inc, bi, voy, 1st, orgy)

Deal: Her Ass for My Silence, The - by Anal King - A mother has a secret affair she wants hidden from her husband. The only problem is, her youngest son knows her secret and he proposes a deal where she surrenders her plump ass for his silence. (Fm, inc, reluc, voy)

Dear Diary - by Alex Hawk - The diary entries of a young girl who becomes interested in her older brother. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Dear Diary - by Anon - A diary written from a young teenage girl's point of view, who has just reached puberty and enters the sexual game of teenage life. (mf-ff-teens, inc, bi, youths, 1st, voy)

Dearest Elizabeth - by Just A Girl - An open letter from a girl to her younger sister in regard to the first night that their evil uncle included her in their games. (Mf, ped, inc, nc, 1st, ws)

Dear Loving Mother - by LankaCream - A voluptuous mother's 25 year old architect son, David, returns to live with her, after abandonment by her husband for his 26 year old young PA. David has been away from home for 6 years at university and working. He is Mom's only child, although she had always wanted a daughter. Mother had given up on hopes for a daughter and David had given up on ever finding the woman of his dreams, a woman as beautiful and alluring as his own mother. (MF, inc, rom, preg)

Debbie And Tommy - by Anon - Debbie and her brother Tommy have strict fundamentalist parents who won't let them date or socialize outside the church. So when they're home alone, they experiment together. At first it's just masturbating and seeing each other naked, but then they start wondering: how would Tommy's penis feel inside Debbie's pussy? (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Debbie's Daddy - by Pskao - Someone asked me to continue with Franny's Family, but I told him I had no such plans, but then I planned on this story about a virgin on her wedding day turning into a slut to be a short story, not the three chapter novella it's turned into. While writing it, I figured out a way to connect it to Franny's Family. I'm submitting all three chapters at once. (MMF, inc, intr, preg)

Debbie's Kinky Tales - by PuppyloverDawn - We get a sample of some of the wild things this young teen vixen does for fun with her family or by herself. (MMf, ped, inc, bi, orgy)

Deb's Horny Dad - by Richard Dawson - 4 part series Debbie's dad has sex with everyone - Debbie was quite a shy child in many ways and having inherited her mother's blonde hair and average height she did not, in her earlier years give any hint of the store of wickedness she was one day to open before me with such eagerness! At 16 she had developed a voluptuous figure, full-tittied and long legged with a sweet face which began to carry traces of lipstick and make-up and eye-shadow quite suddenly.(Mf, inc, ped)

Dee And Jodi - by J Christopher - Two adult sisters enjoy lesbian sex for the first time. Later that day, they're joined by a girlfriend and boyfriend. (FF, F+/M, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, bi)

Deep In The Ozarks - by Jones - Bob moves to a small backwoods town in the Ozarks situated along Hog Creek. He is a good looking man, well groomed and drives a nice car. But his mind is anything but nice. His dark perversions may offend some readers when he meets a teenager with a baby so be forewarned. (M/f-teen, toddler, extreme-ped, voy, inc, bi, ws)

Definitely Not Queer - by Scorpio00155 - Boy did I live in a strange household, mum had a string of lovers as long as your arm, dad was a randy sod that ogled even me at times and had as many lovers as mum. Yet neither of them seemed to mind that the other was unfaithful, in fact they spent as much time fucking each other as they did having it off with their lovers. Then there was my fifteen year old brother Tony, he was three years younger than me and was breaking our parent's hearts, mum was almost crying over him while dad was virtually tearing his hair out. (MF, inc, bro-sis)

Deflowering Aspen - by Alex Hawk - A young boy's first time with a girl and her father and a video camera. (mf-teens, bi, ped, inc, oral, 1st)

Deflowering Haley and Terry - by Alex Hawk - After many requests for more stories in the "Deflowering Aspen" setting, I give you the first prequel! Enjoy! (Mmf, ped, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

Delighted In His Daughter - Cherry Charles - Both Betsy and Linda had perfectly awful reputations, and Pam had wondered at the time if they would have gone right ahead with the obscene conversation even if they had known she was sitting in one of the stalls at the far end of the restroom. (MF, inc, FF)

Delightful Bambi - by Deer One - She was lovely from the minute she was born. Her winsome ways gave her delight when discovering her body had special places that created sensations that never seemed to end. From what is known, her early life and feelings for sex were inherited from her mother, Misty. Bambi's friends join her in sexual games when they are still preteens or just become teens and many girls find motherhood a part of playing games. (M/f-teen, mf, ff, inc, 1st, rom)

Department Store Cuties - by CockMonster - I was 18 at the time and had an attraction to younger girls, much younger girls, which is what led me to my crazy sexual encounter with 14 year olds Chelsea and Jenni when I was at working at the department store. (Mff-teens, ped, bi, inc, rom, orgy, 1st, oral, mast)

Department Store Fun - by Durango Dan - A department store clerk has the most fun he has had in years working in the girl's department. (MFff, ped, inc, 1st)

Desert, The - by Racer-X - A 14 year old girl spends a weekend in the desert with her mother's cousin and discovers a few things about herself and her cousin as well. (M/ff-teens, ped, teen, inc, bi, con, preg?)

Designing Daughter - by Gungadick - A father's love for his daughter takes on a surreal incestual twist. (M/f-teen, inc, father/daughter)

Devoted Mother - by Hollyray - Young mother meets boyfriend and after a while begins to share her daughter with him too. (MF, M/Ff, inc)

Diary Days - by MickMack - Uncle Max isn't the nicest person to hang around. In fact, he's a brutal sadistic psychopath, who loves to abuse and humiliate his two step-sons. (Mm, nc, rp, inc, oral, anal, v, tor)

Diary Of A Young Girl - by Tail Spinner - A young girl records the story of her summer of love. (Mb+/g, ped, 1st, inc)

Did You Ever Hate Someone - by Vulgus - With the help of a sympathetic Private Investigator a man takes revenge on the couple that drove his wife to suicide. (M+F, nc, blkmail, exh, inc, oral, anal, beast, rom)

Dildo Mom - by Eros - Son stumbles upon his mother's dirty little secret. (MMF, inc, oral, anal, orgy, voy, toys)

Dinner, Dancing and Doing It - by Oediplex - Mother and son dance closely, then get closer at home. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, rom, 1st, reluc)

Dirty Downloads - by Alex Hawk - Julia is browsing the interenet and downloading porn when she notices that one of the boys she's downloaded looks an awful lot like her fifteen-year-old brother. (mf-yteens, inc, 1st, shaving)

Dirty Little Boys - by dale10 - Emails from seventh grade boys with nothing but sex on their minds. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, inc, bi, mast, oral, anal)

Dirty Mom Teases Pervert Son - by INH - A slutty mom puts on a show for her teenage son while her husband is out. (MF/M-teen, bi, inc, exh)

Dirty Old Man - by Phil Phantom - Donna almost dropped her daughter's folded laundry when she opened Angie's bedroom door and saw her naked eleven-year-old with a mouthful of her grandfather's cock -- Angie's father's, father's ten-inch cock. The scene was posed, staged to make Donna drop laundry. (Mg, Fg, bi, ped, inc, beast)

Discovered - by Dirty Old Man - Dan and Brad are teenage boys who have been friends for years, and lately they have become more than friends. One morning, while they think they are alone in the house, guess what? But Dan's sister discovers their little secret! So she joins in the fun! (mmf-teens, inc, oral, bi)

Distant Princess - by Peter Pan - Although listed officially as Chapter Eighteen in "The Complete Harper Valley" this was in fact a fully stand-alone recollection that has no chronological relevance to other episodes. Given very recent events, a sequel if you like, entitled "Homecoming" has just been completed and may in due course be published on Kristen's archive, but not until the new year. (Mff, ped, inc, bi, mast)

Doctoring Brother - by Beating Off Bob - Kevin protected his sister from "boys" all too well, and there wasn't anything she could really do about it. Then, in the big game, he gets hurt and she has to take care of him. Now SHE had the power. And she used it to get everything she'd missed out on before. (MF-teens, inc, reluc, 1st, oral, mast, preg)

Dog Collar, The - by Jason and Bridgette - It was just recently that my boyfriend Jason talked me into wearing a dog collar. I thought it was kind of weird at first but after a while I began to like it more then I ever though I would. (Fb, ped, inc, 1st, voy, mast, oral)

Doing My Stepdad - by Pam - A stepdaughter wants to sample her stepdad, so she seduces him. They teach each other a few things about sex, and start a beautiful relationship. (M/f-teen, inc, ped) Dominant Genes - by Hornymother - A boy is rundown by his aggressive aunt and finds that he's not the only one in the family. (Fdom/m, inc, ped, cuck)

Donna - by Anonymous - Daughter inlaw seduces father inlaw. "My step son tied the knot last year to a sharp looking girl. Donna has a great personality to go with her great looks. Even my wife likes her. About three months ago, while Bob, the step son, was out of town on business, Donna called about 9:00 one night..."

Donna Reed: Facts Of Life - by Uncle Mike - A parody of The Donna Reed T.V. Sit-com of the 1950's - Jeff Stone is old enough to shave, (almost) so Mary decides to help him into manhood. (mf, bro/sis, inc, sitcom parody)

Donna's Three Sons - by Eros - Suburban housewife is divorced by her husband who takes up with an 18-year-old. She's so horny, that she turns to her three sons for a little outdoor fun. (F/mmm, ped, inc, mast, oral anal, 1st)

Don's Panties - by Andy G. - Don gets caught by his sister and her friend wearing her panties. The girls decide to have some fun with him. (ffm, youths, inc, nc, 1st)

Doris And Her Little Boy - by Jones - My wife Lori has a daughter named Doris. I love my wife because she is such a slut. Her daughter Doris must have gotten her genes because she started fucking at 12 years old and ran away from home at 13 years old. Now she is 32 years old with a little boy, down and out, and I go to bring her home. (MFb, ped, inc, bi, oral, lac, exh, alcohol)

Double Dating With Brother - by Beating Off Bob - Dad requires his little girl to double date with her brother, to keep her dates in line. But who's going to keep her brother in line? (mf-teens, voy, inc, mast, oral)

Double The Trouble, Double The Fun - by Pasego Kate - Twins discover that an uncomfortable situation can lead to mutual pleasure. (MF, inc, rom)

Double Trouble, A Birthday Surprise - by Maussie - My little sister Naomi is staying with my aunt and uncle for a couple of weeks during the summer holiday while our parents are on vacation. She and our cousin Cindy are best friends, and have just discovered an erotic story on the internet, written by me, and it's about them. In the story they end up having sex, first with each other and finally with me. It turns them on, and they decide to turn fantasy into reality for my next birthday. (M/ff-teens, bi, underage, inc, 1st, mast, oral, huml)

Do Unto Others - by Bad Uncle - Uncle gets spoiled rotten by his beautiful and sexy niece. (M/f-teen, inc)

Do What I Do - by Analboy San Diego - A young boy's adventure into sex. Older brother shows him what it's all about, at least in the jacking off department. (mm-teens, inc, oral, mast)

Down The Barrel - by Mack the Knife - A family is taken hostage and forced to reveal their darkest secrets to each other and then they are forced to act out those secrets on each other. (MFmf, ped, nc, inc, beast)

Downsizing Of Harper Valley, The - by Peter Pan - The last of the unpublished Harper Valley episodes. Kristens is the only site that this will ever appear. A stand alone recollection that neither of Kylie's sisters have the slightest knowledge of - right up until the present day. It must stay that way! (Mmf-teens, ped, inc, mast, spank, orgy)

Do You Know Where Your Mother Is? - by Marcia R. Hooper - Jenna discovers her mom has been doing cyber with a married man. Already traumatized by her parent's recent divorce, she turns to her brother for advice, and possibly something else. Another tale of angst-ridden, sexually-attracted siblings. (MF-teens, inc, 1st)

Dream 2 Reality: It Did Cum True - by Tazmaniac - A chance encounter, a shy guy, a lonely woman and her siblings add up to a dream CUM true. The shy guy who was only looking for simple date and maybe a long term relationship. But what he got was more than he ever could ever have dreamed. (Fff/M, ped, inc, bi, reluc, orgy, preg)

Dream Childhood - by Jake - Teenagers explore sex while the folks are away. A brother, sister and friend kind a thing. (ffm-teens, orgy, inc)

Dream Cruising Cousins - by Lamron MI - Cousins finding each other in a lost night of fun. (FFM, inc)

Dream Time Lover - by Puera Amare - A father has sexual dreams about his dead wife only to awaken and find his daughter having sex with him. (Mf, inc, ped)

Dressup - by Gungadick - A man comes home tired and exhausted, but finds the chance to fulfill a fantasy quite exhilarating as his young girlfriend helps him lead his even younger niece astray. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, bi)

Drive-in Discovery - by Anonymous Author - My dear sister introduced me to your website, for which I'm thankful. She told me that she enjoys reading all of the stories in your archives. Since she enjoys reading about sex and things like that, I thought I'd surprise her by adding our experiences to your collection. I've changed her name in the story, so as not to create a problem for her. (MF, bro/sis, inc, preg)

Dr. M's Files: Change For The Better - by Rosie, Samantha, and Pamela - A mother takes some time to get close to her son. (F/m-teen, inc, voy)

Dr. M's Files: April Fools Joke - by Rosie, Samantha and Pamela - I was playing my computer game when my dad came into my room to ask me for a favor. "I have to get your mom back for the April fool joke that she sprung on me this morning." My dad said. (Fm, voy, inc, 1st)

Dr. M's File: My Weekend Away - by Pam, Sam and Roxie - Previously: Nic knew about my brother spending time with Sam and I, and after she found out, we agree to stop sleeping with Pat. Nic forgave us for the affair. That was 3 months ago. As for Pam, she's still fucking her brother. (FFM, bi, voy, inc, oral, mast, swing)

Dr. M's Files: Too Gay or not too Gay - by Pamela, Samantha and Rosie - Mother spys on her son when he's looking at a gay magazine on his bed while dildoing himself. When he comes hard, she assumes he's gay. But events prove otherwise. (F/m-teen, inc, ped, reluc)

Dr. M's Files: Second Chance - by Rosie, Samantha, and Pamela - A 26 year old woman down on her luck moves in with her brother and begins a romantic relationship with him. (MF, inc, voy, rom)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Slut - by Val White - A parody on the recently canceled western drama called Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. In this altered version, the whole family (Except Sully) get into the act. (MFf, Ff, inc, ped, TV-parody)

Drugged And Raped - by Todd Sayre - A boy gets into hid father's drugs and being thirteen and extremely horny all the time he ends up drugging his mother then his little sister and using them like whores. But he doesn't stop there, he lets his buddies partake also, and he even does the same thing to some of his buddies. Fun and drugs abound. (m/Ffm+, nc, rp, bi, inc, drugs, orgy)

Drunk Mom - by Packer - Mom's drunk again... what can I do to before dad gets home? (m-teen/F, nc, inc, 1st, alcohol)

Drunk Sister - by RavensNest - A teenager takes advantage of his drunk sister and her friend, then the next day they do it again willingly. (mff-teens, youths, inc, nc, voy, 1st, oral)

Duck and Cover - by Holly Rennick - A three-part tale of survival in the Nuclear War of 1961. Survival means meeting each other’s needs. If the post-cataclysmic world isn’t too apocalyptic, leave it to the Kaffee Klatsches to sort out. (Fm, inc, bi, sci-fi)

Dugout, The - by JOCA - A brother whose rivalry with his sister turns against her when his friends decide to teach her a lesson in humility. (M+/F, inc, gb, nc) Part 2

Dull Summer - by Alex Hawk - During her first, boring summer in Arizona, a young girl turns to her brother for entertainment. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Dumbbells - by Sakka - Sister blackmails brother, who then impregnates sister and her best friend (with twins and triplets, no less). (MFF-teens, inc, 1st, blkmail, preg)

Eager Horny Cousin - by Kevin Sellers - A story about family incest. Eventually everyone in the family becomes involved. (MFmf, family, ped, inc)

Early Encounters - by Janna - A sensual woman details some of her early sexual encounters with her family and first cousin. She finds out what sexual fun she can have early on in life. (mf-yteens, inc, oral, mast, ws)

Early Love - by RLM - Tom was looking forward to the night for two very good reasons, his cousins, Susan and Amanda. Tom's parents had to go out of town overnight along with his Aunt and Uncle. It had been decided that Susan, who was 15, and her younger sister Amanda would stay at Tom's house until their parents returned the following afternoon. (ffm, teen/pre, youth, inc)

Eddie And His Sisters - by Emerson Laken-Palmer - The main focus of my life, at thirteen, wasn't alcohol or movies or cigarettes though. I could get those things. It was pussy. (mf-teens, inc, mast, oral, youths, voy)

Eddie's Spanking - by Eddie Heavy - A boy is disciplined by his mother for habitually bring home bad grades from school. (F/m, ped, spanking, nudity, inc-sort-of)

Edna And The Son - by UR Null - A boy named Archie was the product of a divided home. He used to see his mom only during school vacations but things changed once he turned eighteen. (F/M-teen, inc, reluc)

Educating Anne - by Eager46 - While two Sisters are in the bedroom doing their homework it is revealed that the older one of the two has just lost her virginity. When the younger sister asks for a detailed account, the two girls get very hot and turned on and the younger one gets a demonstration of the "Facts of life" from the older one. (ff-teens, youths, inc, 1st, oral, mast, anal)

Educating Debi - by Foxi - A young woman becomes the plaything of her Aunt and a porn ring. She finds out that her life is about to change in this erotic series. (FF, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

Educating Jason - by bLACKFLAg - A young boy is educated about sex by his mom... and others! (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, bi, ws) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Education - by Alex Hawk - A man living out in the middle of nowhere gives his kids the ever popular "learn by doing" method of sex education. Trite, cliche and overdone? You bet! (Mm/f, ped, inc, 1st, mast)

Educational Films - by PuppyLoverDawn - The sequel to A Mother's Confession. (In directory 29) The niave Joan helps her husband and brother-in-law make special "educational" films with the kids. (Mf, ped, inc, nc, bi, oral, beast)

Education Of Bethany - by SilkenCock - Bethany, a stuck-up Christian woman, who revels in looking down on her co-workers and sharpening her holier-than-thou attitude, is now at the mercy of her employers, when they uncover evidence that she is not as chaste as she pretends to be. Now her faith, her chastity, and her son are in jeopardy. (MMF, Fm, ped, reluc, blkmail, inc)

Eight Is Enough: And Two's Not Bad, Either - by Uncle Mike - "In a house with eight kids it's hard to find time alone. Heck, it's impossible. It's hard enough just to avoid being in a real crowd. So it was kind of a treat to have only my sister Elizabeth in the room with me when we were watching this old movie on TV." (mf, inc, 1st time, sitcom parody)

Eight Simple Rules For Seducing Your Teenage Daughter - by Your Ghost - Paul Hennessey of "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter" offers a guide on how to make your relationship with your daughter much more special. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, parody)

Eleanor and William - Part 1 Savage - by Gentlerain - His uncle rapes his younger sister, and he's out for revenge. (MF, rom, inc, nc, oral)

Eleanor and William - Part 2 The Plot - by Gentlerain - His revenge for the rape of his sister is complete. (MF, rom, inc, 1st)

Electric Went Out - by Sweetirish - Four teenagers discover more than things going bump in the night. Alone, frightened and with no electrics. (MF-teens, nc, 1st, inc)

Elijah's Visit - by Alex Hawk - Chance's younger cousin, Elijah, comes to visit him in Los Angeles. Chance is gay and Elijah is, well, unsure. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, mast) Part 2

Elixir Of Life - by Peter Pan - Some men suffer psychological and verbal abuse at the hands of their women. Possessive and dictatorial wives, scheming and manipulative daughters, to name but two sources of domestic discontent. Once in a while the opportunity presents itself to repay these long-tolerated mischieves. In Doctor Wilson's case that opportunity came sooner rather than later. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, mc)

Ellen - by Emerson Laken-Palmer - A coming of age story about a brother and sister and their innocent and not so innocent urges. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

NEW E-mail Mother Love - by Motherlover6969 - I had always loved my mother, but I wanted to move beyond fantasizing, so I had an idea, using technology I achieved my goal. (Fm, underage, 1st, inc)

Emancipated Little Girls - by Charles Dodgson - Middle-aged Jake Neil, a Los Angeles CPA, takes a week off after tax season, spending his vacation at a large nude hotel in Palm Springs. While there he meets Carol, who believes in the spiritual and physical benefits of sexual pleasure for herself and her two daughters. (MFgg, extreme-ped, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Emily Enslaved - by Trail Leaver - Emily, a beautiful 9th grader, is moved to Bronx because of her mother's remarriage with a black man named Frank. She finds herself under control of Frank and is hopelessly abused. (MF, MFg, inc, 1st, oral, tease, nc) Part 2

Emissary to the Gods - by Alex Hawk - To save the Kingdom from drought, a young prince must be sacrificed to make an appeal to the gods. (mf-yteens, inc, 1st, oral, sn, nec, fantasy)

Emma - by Peter Pan - Even in the best families, you never know what secret lives are being played out. Sometimes confessing to a stranger seems like a good idea! (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, mast, rom)

Emma On Vacation - by J Christopher - Young Emma discovers sex and goes on a Vacation to Disney World with her family. (MFbg, extreme-ped, bi, exh, family-inc, fisting)

Emmanuelle, Preteen Internet Model - by Charles Dodgson - Alain Masset, a French born free lance writer, and his Vietnamese wife, Mai, immigrate to the United States and settle in Southern California. Their gorgeous nine year old Eurasian daughter, Emmanuelle, is very extraverted, loves posing, dancing, singing and performing, hoping to become an actress, dancer, performer, or model. To give their daughter exposure Alain and Mai, together with Emmanuelle, start a preteen model web site for their daughter. Fun for all! (MFg, extreme-ped, inc, rom, asian) Part 2

Encounter With My Cousin - by OvidMeta - A guy and his wife attend a family reunion and while upstairs he stumbles upon his cousin in a state of need. (MF, cheat, inc)

End of the World, The - by Deep Background - Ten years ago the whole world went sex mad. Here we see how everyone is getting on. As it were. Also, there are glimpses of the next century and the next millennium to come. (M+m+/f+, ped, inc, exh, orgy, preg, sci-fi)

Entertainment At The Old Pig Farm - by Libertine - A devoted family demonstrates at a show how their pig farm is run in the old fashion way. Afterwards everyone is invited to try for themselves how to handle the young boars and sows. In the afternoon the family members earns their keep by socializing with the audience when the young farm dogs come loose. (MF, F/beast, inc, oral, anal, orgy, humor)

Eric's Obsession - by Ann Automis - A 17 year old boy is obsessed with having sex with his 14 year old sister. (mf-teens, inc)

Erin - by Naheka - Two stepsisters go to college, leaving home for the first time. One feels homesick, and the other consoles her. A secret is revealed. (FF, inc, hermaphrodite)

Eskimo Son - by Clark - A young Eskimo man learns the ways of his ancestors. (mother/son, inc, native american)

Ethan Lets Dad Do It - by Kip Hawk - A thirteen-year-old boy succumbs to his father's lewd suggestions. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Eve - by Arthur Riely - Boyfriend does girlfriend's Mom and gets to have a threesome too - "This story is absolutely true, it really happened to me about three weeks after my 18th birthday. I will remember that evening for the rest of my life! (FFM, inc)

Evelyn's First Dildo - by J.J. Cure - He walked into the living room and found his daughter playing with a cell phone as she stretched out on the floor. The skirt she wore had pulled up to expose her bottom. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc, 1st)

Even In The Best Of Families - by Peter Pan - In what circumstances should a teenage girl best discover the facts of life? Sex Ed class? The back seat of a Pontiac GTO? Or during one of those late-night mom-daughter chats? For young Shelley, her sexual initiation was to take a far more direct route - in bed with her parents! For those of you affronted by such concepts, I would suggest you take a rain-check. (MF/f-teen, ped, bi, inc, 1st) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Even Stevens - by The Fan - Ren Stevens was always the perfect girl. She had everything she wanted. Everything except one guy. Her wild, mischievous and childish little brother Louis. She'd been in love with him for years, and he had no idea. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, rom)

Everyone Love Raymond: Deborah & Allie - by Foxi - Deborah is taking photography lessons and her first assignment is to be nude photography. She decides to shoot Allie her lovely blonde daughter. (FF, inc, beast, sitcom-parody)

Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Story - by Foxi - We already know how everyone loves Raymond, but how many know of Deborah's fantasy. Find out how Big Robert, Raymond's brother is part of it. (FMM, inc, family) Part 2

Exercising with Sis - by Carl Mantooth - A teenage boy begins to workout with weights. He make a lot of noise while lifting weights, enough in fact to attract the attention of his sister. (MF-teens, bro/sis, inc, workout)

Exercising with Uncle Bob - by Snapper - His young niece likes to exercise with her Uncle Bob. He's fit and trim, and she likes to watch him get a hard on when they exercise together. (MF, inc, workout)

Excitment Of Her First Apartment - by Obmuj - Yancy was a charming young girl who had just finished high school and already had a job lined up, and accepted to a college. With help from her family, she was soon decorating her very own apartment. A virgin; a virgin on the verge, Yancy found love in ways she couldn't have known before moving into her own pad. (M+/F-teen, voy, reluc, bi, inc, orgy)

Eyes: His and Hers - by Analboy San Diego - A husband gives his wife her ultimate fantasy, a night of fucking her brother, while he watches. (MMF, bro/sis/husband, inc, voy)

Face Fucked By Dad - by Kip Hawk - A fifteen-year-old boy gets his face pounded by his father's prick in the family garage. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, oral)

Familiarity Breeds Sister - by Beating Off Bob - Beth Ann cannot understand why her twin brother masturbates incessantly. When he finds out she's never rubbed her virgin pussy, he helps her understand what the attraction is. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, preg)

Family Act - by Anon - Brother and sister succumb to their animal passions and eventually bring the whole Desmond family into their incestual circle. (MF-teens/adults, ped, inc, orgy)

Family Affair - by Joe 2002 - All of a sudden the light came on in the room opposite mine in the Lyons' house next door. The shades were up giving me a clear view of the entire room. I had never paid much attention to the room but I sure did now. (family-inc, ped, voy, bi, oral, anal, threesome)

Family Affair - by MikeMac - Mother and daughter reach a new level of understanding and learn how to better cope with dad. (Ff-teen, inc, ws) Part 2 Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Family Anyway - by Anonymous - Family sex - "Sherry was feeling butterflies in her stomach. She was about to get fucked for the first time, and by her father at that. She felt her pussy getting wet already. This should be very fun. (Mf, ff, inc, ped)

Family Boot Camp - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby is sent by his parents to his Uncle's Montana farm to "straighten him out". It's hard work, but it's his Aunt who really "straightens" him out. Part of him anyway. It's a pretty strange family and Bobby's exposed to some pretty strange things. And I do mean exposed! (MF/mf-teens, ped, inc, 1st, oral, mast, reluc, preg)

Family Business - by PuppyloverDawn & SecondJawa - A father puts his young wife and her two daughters to work on the streets. Warning, this is a very nasty story. (M+/Fgg, ped, inc, oral, bi, beast, prost)

Family Camping - by Ed Dippus - Kevin goes camping with his family - "It started out simply enough: a family camping trip to a hilly region in a neighboring state. But Dad neglected to check out the weather report (as dads will) before we set off. During the four-hour trip over back-country roads far from civilization, the skies grew steadily darker. Within minutes of arriving at a remote campsite, the skies opened. Luckily, Dad and I had the presence of mind to cover our belongings with the tents before ducking for cover. Unfortunately, however, we were all soaked to the bone by the time we reached the truck..." (Mf, Ff, inc, ped)

Family Camp Out - by Anon - Family camping, incest, partner swapping and all that kind of stuff, just loads and load and loads of fun. (MFmf-teens, bi, family, ped, inc)

Family Cats - by Michael Schumann - Teenage geek lucks into front-row seat at catfight between his hot sister and cute cousin. (FF, voy, inc, mild-v)

Family Cuckold, The - by Growing Up Southern - An attractive 42-year-old mom entertains herself by giving a bj to a classmate of her son. Dad and son watch from the shadows. Without ever knowing it, the hot mom fulfills the fantasies of all four, including her own. The story is fantasy, but it is based on a true story. (FMm, inc, voy, oral, wife, cuck)

Family Disturbance - by Boy Writer - A brother's planned revenge for bullying goes wrong when he's caught out in his scheme. (mm-dom/m, nc, oral, inc, youths)

Family Exhibitions - by Marsha Mayers - I'm an exhibitionist. I guess I always have been and I expect I always will be. That point in childhood when most kids (or at least most girls) learn modesty, I didn't. I do remember my folks trying to shame me into covering up when I would dance out of my bedroom in next to nothing while guests were at our house but my blushing just became part of my repertoire. (MFf, inc, exh)

Family Fantasies - by Eros - A teenage boy gets all worked up reading about incest on internet porn sites, but when he approaches his mother and is roundly rejected and then he hits on his sister who tells their dad; he's thrown out of the house. But then in steps his aunt Linda to save the day and brighten the boys outlook again. (F-adult/M-teen, 1st, inc)

Family Fuck - by Axe - Joseph Shakhan take his two 14-year-old daughter's virginity then he moves on to their friends. (M/ff-teens, inc, family, ped)

Family Fucking - by LJJ - Sister and friend fuck her brother, then her father gets involved, and then the whole family. (MFmff, ped, family-inc, voy, orgy)

Family Fun - by Twiggy - Mom, Dad and their 15-year-old daughter have a threesome. (MF/f-teen, underage, inc, orgy)

Family Love - by Jones - My loving wife Perry has a cock, in my opinion, better than a cunt anytime. We adopted a beautiful son who loves cock as much as his mommy and daddy do. This story is about our vacation at a family nudist camp, where any kind of love is approved. (MMmg, ped, inc, exh, oral, anal, drugs, ws)

Family Peepers - by Anon - This perverted family would all end up in jail in the real world, but in this virtual world they all have great fun fucking and sucking their way through life. (MFmf, family-inc, bi, voy, exh, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Family Punishment - by Darla - Family discipline is a tradition in this household. (Mf, d/s, family-inc, bd, spank)

Family Sandwitch - by Anon - A husband takes his whole family down a path none of them ever thought they would go. (MMFmf, ped, 1st, family-inc, beast, orgy)

Family Stud - by Anon - A son steps up to the plate when his mother needs him. (FFF/M, inc)

Family Togetherness - by PeteinWales - A mother and father get involved with their teenage daughter and her boyfriend. (MF/mf-teens, inc, 1st, bi, voy, swingers)

Family Tradition - by PartyParty - The story of my family's traditions and how we celebrate them. (FFm, ped, family-inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, preg)

Family Ways - by Frank McCoy - In an alternate universe where family incest is okay and pedophilia is acceptable, Frank describes a "loving" family and how they bring up their children. (Mmg, extreme-ped, inc, voy, preg)

Fantasy Massage - by Charles Dodgson - George, age 60, retired, divorced, and horny, decides to advertise himself in the new adult sections in Craigslist as a mature masseur giving free massages to females. With the help of a medical doctor in Hollywood, doc Feel Good, George called him, he was dispensed all those marvelous drugs that brought an older pecker to attention including HGH, recombinant human growth hormone, and testosterone. (Mgg, extreme-ped, inc, drugs)

Farming Fun - by Shooterguy123 - A young girl discovers sex in a strange way on a relative's farm. (M/f-teen, f/beast, ped, 1st, inc) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

Farm Help - R Hawk A man comes to help his deceased brother's wife run their farm. (MFmf, ped, family, inc)

Feels Like The First Time - by Elerius - A twelve year old boy gets the chance of his lifetime when his mother leaves him in charge of his 1-1/2 year old brother. (b/tot, ped, youths, inc, nc, 1st, oral)

Fertility Dance - by Pantinghot - The young men dancers begin to enter the stage from the other side wearing loin cloths. They are all very good looking, ranging in complexion from light olive to darkest black -- Carlos believes in a well-integrated family. The youths all have great bodies and those great big dicks that Cubans and Puerto Ricans are world famous for... (M+/F, M-teen/F, inc, exh, preg, lateno)

Fever - by Sumddy - A young girl wonders down the hall at night to her father's door, and hearing him moan, believes he has a fever, when in fact he's masturbating thinking of her. (Mg, ped, 1st, inc, mast, oral, asian)

First Time I Fucked My Cousin - by Rrrumbler54 - She was 16, strawberry blonde, with bit tits, and loved to fuck! (mf-teens, youths, inc, oral)

Family Fun Night - by Stam - George and Jackie enjoy an evening of fun with their children, Ricky, Randy, Cindy and Brandy. (family, extreme-inc, ped, orgy, scat)

Family Lessons - by Dave's Friend - Husband and wife educate their two children in art of pleasure. (MF/bg, ped, inc, bi)

Family Life - by Goodonyer - Living with my cousin and her two young children. (MFbg, ped, family, inc, preg)

Family Love - by Wyspr26 - This story is about a family started by one man and spans generations. It's told by this man, from his perspective, while trying to encompass the feelings of others in the story. It's a work of fantasy, but may reflect a little reality. (family, extreme-inc, ped, voy, 1st, bi, orgy)

Family Lovers - by FOXI - A mother describes the love between husband and wife and husband and her young son. All together they spell lust and pleasure in a taboo incest. (MFb, ped, bi, inc, mast, oral, anal)

Family Move - by Rose Eastmann - A family is planning a move from London to Nottinghamshire, but the husband is planning far more than just a move, he wants a complete lifestyle overhaul. (MMFg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, beast, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc)

Family Of Slaves - by Pallidan - Daughter comes home from college to find her mother is being dominated by the neighbors' teenage daughter. (F-teen/MFF, dom/sub, bi, inc, huml)

Family Room - by Mark E. Dassad - A father succumbs to his desires and begins an affair with his pretty young daughter. They begin their little sex acts while other family members are close by and are soon found out because of their indiscretion. (Mf, exh, inc, ped)

Family's Bad Mistake - by Kinkyboy - A swinging couple decides to attend a jungle fever party and are horrified at what happens to their family. (M+/g, ped, nc, inc, 1st, anal, bd)

Family Ties: Alex Gets His Way - by Martin4life - "I wish she would just go away, damn she's more annoying than Skippy and that's saying something," Alex thought as his sister kept nagging him. (mf-teens, rp, v, inc, sit-com parody)

Farewell Ancient Lady - by Blackzilla - A young black man stumbles upon his aunt and his father enjoying oral sex. Instead of being outraged about his father's infidelity toward his mother, he's aroused and soon makes a plan to get some special lovin' from his aunt too. (F/M-teen, inc)

Farm Life - by Mr. Badcock - I was 16 when my parents decided to send me to my uncles for the summer. I had been getting into a lot of trouble, a girl at school and a married lady on our street. My dad thought working on a farm away from everything would cool my heels, since the closest neighbor was 20 miles away from my uncle's farm. But as it turned out I really enjoyed myself. (F/m-teen, wife, inc)

Farm Life - by Anon Author - Maw and my oldest sister Jane came out on the back porch where I was standing in a washtub all soaped up. "Maw" Sue said, "Look at this," as she held my little dick out for them to see. (Ff+/m, exh, inc, mast, oral, bond, ped)

Fate - by Rick - Step-children find out that they were meant for each other. (MF, inc)

Fateful Night - by wyspr26 - Athletic daughter comes home to find her dad pleasuring himself, only to open a door that changes both of their lives forever. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, bi)

Fate Of Lovers, The - by Pudmeister - Two internet lovers meet and make a shocking discovery. (MF, inc, mast, oral, size, rom, preg)

Fate Steps In - by Scorpio00155 - Brother and sister are separated at an early age due to the death of their parents, only to find each other again in their late teens. (MF, inc, bro-sis, rom)

Father And Daughter - by Al Fangor - Father and Daughter follow the perverted and depraved sexual activities of Jonathan, who enjoys raping and molesting young girls. In later episodes he also uses his daughter to help him get the girls he needs. (M/f, inc, rp, ped)

Father And Son - by Durango Dan - A father watches his young son masturbating, then his son asks questions about sex so dad ends up demonstrating different techniques of pleasure. (Mb, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

Father And Son - by Jones - A young boy writes his father from Boy's Camp that he jacked off with some other boys. His father writes back that it is natural to do that and tells his son of his first time with another boy, his cousin. (mm-teens, youths, ped, mast, oral, anal, inc, 1st-gay-expr)

Father Knows Best: The Midnight Ride - by Uncle Mike - A parody of the 1950's sit-com named Father Knows Best. Jim Anderson has to go fetch his daughter in the middle of the night because she has been sexually molested by her friend's father while sleeping over. (Mf, ped, inc, sitcom parody)

Father Pays His Debt - by FOXI - A father losses big in Vegas and owes plenty. Payment is demanded and when he can't pay the men he owes want payment from his daughter. (M+/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc, oral, anal, intr, orgy)

Father's Day - by Nat Sherman - "Happy Father’s Day!" cried three voices. Gregg’s face had been buried in the pillow and he smiled, rolling over in anticipation of the tray of pancakes, eggs and coffee. His proud smile suddenly turned into a look of shock and surprise. (MF/ff, ped, inc)

Fat Ugly Bitches Need Red-Hot Loving Too, You Know - by Slim n' Dusty - Tommy is the new guy in town, attending a new school. He is warned of the notorious Driver Sisters by his peers but he ignores them. Stories about the sisters seem far too outrageous, but will he rethink this...? (FFM, nc, bi, inc, sn, nec)

Favors - by RomeoWriter - A young son, hot for his beautiful mother, wants to spend 'quality time' with her. He just has to do one simple thing for her first. (F/m-teen/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, bi, inc, 1st, voy)

Feather Bed, The - by Beating Off Bob - Every year during the family reunion, the cousins always slept together in the big feather bed on the screened in porch. This year they're older - and doing more than just sleeping. (MF-teens, reluc, inc, voy, preg)

Feeding Baby - by Sakka - A weird little fantasy where the whole family gets into the act. If sex including toddlers offends you, then pass this one by. (MF/g/infant, inc, ped)

Feeding Petunia - by Beating Off Bob - Uncle Bob decides to buy into his brother's farming operation and retire from his own stressful business. And life could be good on the farm. He's got a beautiful niece and her mother is just as good looking. Happiness is a blowjob, right boys? Then again... maybe not! (MF, Mf, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Fooling Around - by Charles Dodgson - A father catches his two daughters, Beth, barely eight, and April, nine, the first time they've ever played around with each other sexually. They are both very cute little girls with long, blond, silky hair and large, innocent, invitingly soft brown eyes, warm, cuddly and adorable. Their dad worships his girls, his "Li'l Darlins." (Mgg, extreme-ped, inc, bi, 1st)

From Donny To Laurie: A Fun Trip To Hell - by R_d_G - Tragic events lead 15 year old Donny on a trip to hell. Though, the devil himself makes the boy an offer he cannot refuse; go back on earth within the body of his bitch ex-girlfriend with a quest to get revenge on her. (M+/f-teen, ped, inc, v, 1st, oral, anal, mc, fantasy)

For The Sake Of Motherhood - by William DuPain - William, fed up with his stepmother's outrageous behavior, takes drastic action. (Fm, ped, nc, rp, v, inc, tor) Part 2

Fuck Toys - by Suppy - A man is seduced by his sex-crazed teen daughter and her friend. Then things get really interesting on a vacation to Florida. (M/ff-teens, inc, bi, oral, anal, food, ws, orgy)

Fertile Valley

A featured incest series by Jim Davis. Brought to you by fans of the author.

Firtility Drugs - by Oeddie - Son makes mother take fertility drugs. (F/m-teen, nc, inc, bd, preg)

Fifteen Years Old - by Lori Helms - first time - I was walking past my stepsisters room when I noticed her door was open a crack. I peeked in and to my surprise saw my stepsister, Jana, and her best friend, Sharon (both 19) making love. (mf, ff, inc)

Filling My Daughter - by Doggie2 - This is a story about preteen incest and how it all started between Jim and his nine year old daughter. She was always trying to tease him with her hot little body, until the day she wanted to try having sex with him for real. (MMg, ped, inc, voy)

Filling My Sister - by DH Lawrence - It was a Saturday night. Our mom was spending the night at her boyfriend's house, so my sister and I were home alone. I was thirteen years old and was in the midst of my sexual awareness. My sister Katie was fifteen and had at least a couple of boyfriends that she had been sexual with. I was pretty sure that she had already had sex judging from the moans coming from the basement when her boyfriends were over while mom was out... (mf, teens, inc)

Filling In For Dad - by Dudester - A military vet has to leave college, taking over his father's business and help to raise his kid sister. Everything is fine until he comes home one day and finds out his sister isn't as innocent as she seems, then the unexpected happens. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy, rom)

Fire Inside, The - by RomeoWriter - A father takes out his sexual frustrations (caused by his prude, career-minded wife) on his poor, sleepy daughter. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, inc, 1st, oral)

First Love - by Anonymous Author - This story is an e-novel that is a "coming of age" story of three young adults whose lives become intertwined. (family, inc, coming of age)

First Night And Daddy's Portman - by Retrowank - A girl confides the chances she took to meet her crush Mitch, and the price she pays to the party gang and her step-dad. (MF-teens, nc, inc, 1st, intr, preg?)

First Time - by Zeke - A Mom gets caught masturbating by her young daughter and decides to give her child lessons. (Ff, inc, ped, 1st time)

First Time At Sea - by Will - John, a British seaman, is taught the ways of men in cadet training, turned over to a ship's mate at sea. (MM, inc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, bd, v, tor)

First Time Stripper - by JOCA - Jon marries again shortly after a nasty divorce and custody battle for his two sons. His new wife has a teenage daughter who doesn't like his boys one bit. Things go from bad to worse until one day Jon decides to discipline his wife's young daughter. His boys get to help. (Mbb/f-teen, inc, nc, blkmail)

First Time With My Cousin And My Friend - by Heron - My cousin taught me what no other teacher could have and we shared it with my best friend Tom. We were only 13 and my cousin was 16. I am very happy to have a cousin like Peter. We're not gay, we're bisexual and horny all the time. (MM, threesome, 1st-gay-expr, inc)

First Time With Stepdaughter - by Tumi - A stepdad's first time with his pre-teen stepdaughter. (M/g, inc, ped)

First Visit To The Big Apple - by Old Dreamer - During a family visit to New York the wife goes sightseeing. She can't believe how she is molested and propositioned in public and retreats back to the hotel. When a bunch of youths follow her and burst into their hotel room and tie up her husband and attack her, she is forced to fuck her young son while they watch and ridicule. (M+teens/F, Fm, nc, rp, v, huml, inc)

Flashing Adam's Friend - by Jenny - I'd allowed my youngest son's friend to see me naked, now my eldest son wanted me to flash his mate, but in a much more obvious way. (Fm, ped, exh, inc, reluc, mast)

Forbidden Carnal Hunger Satisfied - by Lanka Cream - A teenage daughter seduces her single parent father so he'll buy her things. Then she brings a friend into their bed who also would like to be given gifts. (M/ff-teens, inc, ped, bi, preg, lac)

NEW Forbidden Love - by Maussie - A boy and a girl meet at school, they fall in love, and end up sleeping with each other. It starts to get serious between the two, so plans are made for the families to meet, during Christmas, and then everything changes for the two lovers. (mf-teens, youths, inc, preg, rom)

Forbidden Needs - by April - A tale of forbidden love between Mother and Daughter. (FF, inc, ws, scat)

Forbidden Relations - by Jim Flavortang - Jeff Monroe and his cousin Lizzy, are best friends, but when his growing affections for her complicate his relationship with the girlfriend who he doesn't really love, problems arise. (MF-teens, reluc, inc, 1st, mast, oral, preg, rom)

Forced Family - by Splunge_Splash - Trick-or-treaters wreak havoc on family as mother and son are forced into sex on Halloween night. (m+/F, inc, nc, ped, v)

For Daddy - by Cindy - Father forces daughter - (Her body throbbed. She stopped the car in the driveway and shut everything off. A tiny whimper popped from her smeared lips and she sank into the seat for a moment...) (MF, inc, perverted)

For Daddy - by FOXI - Daughter doesn't realize how powerfully sexy her daddy is till she comes over to the house to help him on a project. Her life will be changed completely in a very naughty way. (MF, inc, reluc, oral, anal)

Fourteen Again - by Wayne Oliver - What would you think if you woke up one morning and realized that you were 14 again, and only the night before you were 40-years-old? What would you do? (mf-teens, inc, fant)

Fraidy Cat - by Anonymous - Ever since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to my parents bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my mother would hold me until the storm abated. I literally shook with fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was twelve took a different twist... (F/m-teen, inc, ped, preg)

Franny's Family - by Pskao - A motel worker discovers his father-in-law and wife asking for a 'short-term' room and secretly watches them. (MF, inc, voy, cheating)

French Creek - by Sweet Irish - A woman tells of her sexual adventures from childhood till she is an adult. (MMg, extreme-ped, inc, orgy)

French Twins (Les Gemeaux Francais) - by Thomas Legier - A young French man finds out he was adopted as a baby. Then his adopted parents receive a letter from Canada from his maternal grandmother. His birth mother has died. He visits his grandmother in Montreal to find out about his past and offers to help her in her lingerie boutique while he's there. But she's hesitant because he's a man and the women clientele would be uncomfortable with a man around. They come up with a solution, one where his grandmother's dominant personality comes to the fore. (MF, cd, d/s, inc)

Friends And Family Through The Glory Hole - by Rrrumbler54 - I invite a few friends to enjoy my wife's skills through a gloryhole. They didn't know it was her, and she didn't know our friends were "coming" either. (M+/F, wife, oral, inc, glory)

Friends Only - by AnonyMPC - Jack thought his twelve-year-old cousin Lily was as innocent as a girl could be, at least that's what he thought until he got an invitation to her Friends Only Facebook page and discovered her secret life as an exhibitionist. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, exh, mast, oral)

A Classic Incest Series
Friday Afternoon

A son and mom incest story (F/m, inc, ped, 1st time)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

More Chapetrs added by new author:

Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

The Original Story, compete!

Friday Afternoon - by Clue Master - The complete work of the classic erotic story, "Friday Afternoon" contributed by a friend of the archive. In this e-novel, the story develops around the relationship between mother and son, and within a short time friends and neighbors too. Throughout the story - there is inappropriate contact between adults and underage persons so be warned. (F/b, bg, ped, inc, orgy)

From Iraq With Lust - by UR Null - A military man comes back from Iraq to his home. Sure, he was horny, but he wasn't planning on seducing anyone -- in particular specially his own mother. Things just heated up and he ended up having sex with her. (MF, inc, reluc, oral, anal)

Fuckin Cousins - by John - I had to baby-sit my step-brother and his cousins while both all the parents were on a cruise. It started as an innocent weekend and escalated into an orgy of pleasure. (mmf-teens, youths, bi, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, orgy) Part 2

Fucking Aunt Ellen - by Pussy Licker - A young man by strange circumstances, begins a consensual sexual affair with his aunt. (MF, inc, rom)

Fucking My Sister - by Anon - This is a true story about my sexual experiences growing up with my sister. (F-teen/b, ped, inc, youths, ws)

Fuck Me Again Daddy - by Negative Creep - A daughter learns to fuck, suck and talk dirty. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Fuck Puppet - by Elle - A high school girl dating a college boy is led into a new world that changes everything, even her home life. (M/Fffm-teens, ped, inc, bi)

Fucked Up Life - by Pat the Punk - A man rapes his mother after reading incest stories and goes to jail, never to be normal again. (MF, nc, rp, inc, v)

Fuck Ewe - by Corey Anton - Corey visits his aunt and Uncle's farm and by the end of the first day has fucked his first sheep, been fucked by a ram, his uncle and the family dog. It's going to be a long week as he learns about farm life. (Mm, ped, inc, reluc, beast, ws)

Full Circle - by JAZ - Daddy loves his little girls. Then Daddy loves his big girls. (M/f+, ped, inc, nc, huml, v)

Fun & Games - by Gungadick - A family goes through the daughter's coming of age in a very special way. (MF/f, family-inc, ped, voy, rom)

Fun At The Local Gloryhole - by Gloryholelover - Kyle and his brother Tim explore each other sexually and then have fun at the local gloryhole. (MM, beast, inc, exh, 1st, oral, anal, glory)

Fun With Dick And Jane - by Alvin Leader - Brother and sister attend college and use the internet to earn extra money. But what they didn't know, was that the whole family would join in on their Web Cam scheme. (MF, ped, inc, bi, ws)

Full House - by LWM - A single mom finds the best way to turn a profit with a farm these days is to convert it into a whorehouse using her daughters as the whores. (M+/Fgg, inc, ped, beast, exh, s&m, oral, anal, public, bd)

Fun With Family And Friends - by Kfisss - Nate starts messing around with his best friend and then moves onto incest with his little sister. (mm, 1st-bi, mf, teens, inc)

Gagnon - by Young Fox - Alois sipped his wine and watched with some amusement as his father sucked a young boy's cock. The boy sat on the table with his legs open, and Francois cupped his balls with his left hand, one finger of which was inserted in the boy's anus. Alois remembered how Francois explained that by wiggling the finger in a boy's bottom, you could speed up his ejaculation. (MM, MF, bi, inc, orgy)

Game Controls, The - by Catalingus - A mother discovers the true extent of the pleasure she takes at dominating others when she finds that it extends to her own daughter. (Ff, ped, nc, inc, oral)

Games - by Art S Healing - For fatherless Tommy and Stephanie, life is strange - although seldom boring. Their mother simply loves to play games with them, but her favorite kind of games don't exactly have rules- except for her own. (MMF, Fbg, Fg, ped, 1st, bi, family-inc, mast, oral, anal, mc, ws, beast)

Game Show Sex - by Heatheranne - A look at a couple of game shows that may not be all that farfetched. (MF, inc, light bd)

Games With Little Sister - by Frank McCoy - Children are taught the value of family harmony. (MFbg, family-inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Garage, The - by Anonymous - A mother catches her teenage son masturbating in the garage, only to realize what she'd been missing ever since her husband had abandoned them for anther woman two years before. (MF, mother/son, inc)

Garage, The New Version - Woodyne77 - A teenage girl takes advantage of her father who is caught in a compromising position working under one of his antique cars. Her father has no willpower to resist her bold advances. You may read the original version in directory 13. (F-teen/M, ped, reluc, inc, 1st)

Gates of Incest - by BlackZilla - A brother and sister go to a strip bar pretending to be on a date so he won't be embarrassed because he brought his sister. But things quickly get out of hand when he's dragged into a lap dance with one of the strippers and she wants his "date" to participate. (MFF, black, inc)

Generations of Daughters - by Edspony3 - I bred many generations of offspring. This is the story of the first two. (mf-teens, inc, nc, rp)

Getting Even with Dad - by Princesslina - It started when Lina was 13 years old she was never the best or brightest student in school and her dad knew it and took advantage of this and would use sex as a punishment for bad grades. (M+/f-teen, ped, inc, nc, v, bi, torture, preg, cast)

Getting Little Sister Pregnant - by Frank McCoy - Marcia and Sherry are a wild pair of teenagers. They are always in trouble, and their boyfriend's are in it with them Mike is Marcia's brother, and Sherry's boyfriend. The girls are at the stage where sex seems very interesting, and Sherry has set Marcia up for a practical joke. A joke that just might get her pregnant by her own brother! (mf-teens, preg, inc)

Getting Two for One - by Pussy Barber - Sisters share a boyfriend. Why Not? They're sisters after all, and they like each other, so why not share? (MFF, bi, inc, threesome)

Gifts - by Anon - Steve has a hard time finding women that can take the entire length of his huge penis. That's why when he meets a tiny woman, they seem an odd match. The gifts she gives him are shocking and incredible. (MFf, ped, inc, size, preg, sn)

Gift, The - by LWM - A single Mom struggles to find, the perfect gift a near perfect son. In the end she settles on something any young man would want. SEX! (Ffm, ped, inc, bi, 1st, oral, mast)

Giggilo Dogs - by Cumfreak1952 - Living in Montana can sometimes be quite boring, especially during the winter when the weather is so cold and everything is frozen, and at the same time, covered with several feet of snow. During these times, entertainment is at its lowest ebb forcing people to find ways to entertain themselves. (FFMfg, ped, bi, inc, 1st, beast)

Gillian and Jane - by Maddog - A lesbian couple who are into mutual panty pooping get involved with Gillian's daughter, Kate. (FF, teens, inc, bd, ws, scat)

Gilmore Girls: Breakup - by Kris - From the 2001 season of the WB Gilmore Girls TV Show. Lorelai breaks up with her lover Max over an indiscretion during teacher parent night at her daughter's school. Daughter Rory comes home and finds her Mom in her bed crying and she tries to console her. (F/F-teen, mother/daughter, inc, 1st-lesbian)

Gilmore Girls: Grandpa's Urn - by Anonymous - Rory has to deliver a coffee urn to her grandparent's house for an upcoming party that they are hosting. Her grandmother is away but Grandpa is there, and he's just answered the door to Rory's bell ring, freshly from his shower. (M-senior/F-teen, inc, TV-Parody)

Gilmore Girls: Peeping at Lorelai - by Pocketpack - A teenage boy who has a penchant for peeping through windows at night gets more than he bargains for when he tries it at the Gilmore residence. (FF, inc, voy, TV-parody)

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Dream - by Anonymous - When a fellow classmate makes a comment about her mother's ass, Rory begins to obsess on her Mom. She can't get out of her mind the feelings that keep welling up, until one day... (F/F-teen, inc, TV-parody)

Gilmore Girls: Who's got the Biggest - by Oric13 - Rory and her mom get into an argument that soon turns into something more. Notes: This story takes place during episode 3 "Kill Me Now" and contains dialogue from that episode. The story is told from Rory's point of view. (F/f, inc, cons, parody)

Ginger Lee on Her Virgin Cruise - by Obmuj - The attractive 13-year-old, after the death of her parents goes to live with her Uncle Bill. They become close, closer than ever on their Christmas cruise. Ginger Lee wants her uncle to have her ultimate holiday gift. What is the true relationship between Ginger Lee and her Uncle Bill? (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

Ginger's Doggies - by D Maxwell - A perverted story about a child and her young stepmother and father. Not for the fainthearted. (Ff/dogs, Ff, Mf, inc, ped)

Girl Next Door - by BBN - Three children find out about sex with each other. (mff-yteens, inc, 1st)

Girl of His Dreams - by Shadow Kiss - A teenage boy lusts after his sister. He is jealous of her new boyfriend who is a complete jerk. One night after his sister comes home from a bad date he makes his move. Her reaction is much better than expected. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, oral)

Girls Loving Girls - by Candy Kane - Two sisters sitting around on a Saturday night with nothing to do. No dates and really board. Idleness is the devils temptation. Another great lesbian story by Candy Kane. (FF-teens, inc)

Girl Who Woke Up With A Hard-On - by Anon - A girl is forced by her boyfriend to give him head. Then the next day something strange happens and she soon understands why he did what he did when she began to want the same thing done to her. (MF-teens, FF, nc, oral, inc, tg, fantasy)

Give Me Back My Glue-Stick! - by Maussie - Rachel walks into her brother's room, where she catches him jerking off. She is intrigued by what she sees, and soon joins in, leading to a great afternoon for both siblings. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, reluc, mast, oral)

Glamour Shots For Daughter - by Beating Off Bob - Bob takes his daughter for glamour shots but turns down the photographer's offer to do sexy shots. Instead he decides to do them himself. Trouble is instead of getting pictures taken, she just gets bred. (M/f, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Gloryhole First - by Drummer69 - A mature man brings his niece to an adult bookstore to experience a little gloryhole action. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, 1st)

Gloria The Slut - by Michael L. - My wife had been given permission to be a complete slut by her father when she was young, and it was her depravity that lured me to her. (MMF, FF, ped, bg, bi, wife, exh, inc)

Goddess Of Love - by Htsxkttn - A beautiful family is torn apart. Their beautiful daughter, Athena takes care of her daddy until she is taken away. She goes through hell and makes her way back. She is truly her daddy's young goddess of love. (MMF, nc, rp, v, inc, 1st, mc, preg)

God's Gift - by Scorpio00155 - A well written fantasy about a young man who throughout his life attracts women and homosexual men like flies. It starts at a young age and continues on until a good thing becomes unwanted. Read it, it's a good one. (MF/m, BI, inc, reluc, humour)

Going Away to College - by Cass - There were times when my sister Kathy was younger that I swore she had no panties on under her shorts. Once she was sitting on the couch in front of the TV and I swear I got a glimpse of a dark lip peeking out of the leg of her shorts; that sent a thrill below the waste. This incident was the start of my fantasizing about my sister Kathy. The thought of having a hot looking, sexy female living in the same house with me and available for sex any time I wanted was not unappealing. Though I never actually got to fuck her or even see her naked until the night that I am going to relate to you now. (MM/f-teen, voy, oral, inc)

Going Down on the Farm - by D. Abby - A coming of age story with youths experimenting with love for the first time. (mf-teens, pre-teens, inc, bi, orgy)

Good Deed - by Bad Uncle - A neice and an uncle exchange good deeds and form a special bond. (MM/f-teen, inc)

Good Golly, Mrs. Mommy! - by DiscipleN - I took my mom's surprised head with its open mouth and planted it over my stiff fuck tool! "Don't mind me, honey. This will be far more relaxing than a martini!" I cried. I began using her head to masturbate my pulsing cock. It was show time! I was so horny and gleeful at my audacity, I didn't consider the thousand unpleasant and even dangerous ways my mother could react. (MF, inc, strange)

Good Morning - by Stroker - A grandma fetish story for your enjoyment. (MF, inc)

Good Son - by Zorro - A year after dad was put into a nursing home due to a terrible accident; a son decides to take mom out on the town to cheer her up. Only the son gets a little frustrated when mom still doesn’t give him 100% of her attention. (MF, mother/son, inc, rp)

Good Twin, The - by Vulgus - The normally well behaved daughter goes a little wild with some of the neighborhood boys while school is out for the summer, surprising even her wilder sister. (m+/f-teens, ff, inc, youths, bi, reluc)

Good Vibes From A Big Brother - by Wayne Gibbous - A thoughtful birthday present from Ben for his sister's fourteenth birthday reaps a world of pleasurable rewards. (mf-teens, cpls, youths, 1st, mast, oral, inc)

Got Blackmail? - by Rick Dean - A tale of two friends in their late teens who, while surfing the 'net, find an adult website run by one young man's aunt. From there they introduce her to the joys of bestiality and incest by threats of exposure. (MMF, F/dog, inc, rel, blkmail)

Grandpa's Delight - by Obmujtwo - She was cute, red hair, freckles, starting to develop at eleven. And grandpa knew she was going to be a danger to all the men who met her. But those legs, oh yes, and those breast buds... Oh yes! (M/g, ped, inc, 1st, exh, military)

Gramps - by Grey Mead aka Richard Large - Grampa's ugly breath is filling my throat and I can't scream cuz his tongue is in my mouth, and I can't get away cuz he's so heavy on top of me and he's holding me down. He has a big hand on my chest, just above my titties and I can't hardly breathe. (Mf, inc, rp, rough, v)

Granddaughter's Backrub - by Bow - A grand father gives his little eight year old granddaughter the back, the kind she loves the most. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc)

Grand Departure - by JOCA - Stepdaughter is taken advantage of by both generations of men in her family. (M+/FF, inc, forced)

Grandfather's Tales: The Visit - by DickInTheAss - An American visits his dead son's Indian wife which turns into a love triangle between him and his daughter-in-law, and his granddaughter. (MFf, ped, bi, mast, oral, intr, inc, india)

Grandma - by Gabby - A remembered incest story - "A TV. program about the baby-boomer's in 1946 here in Holland, where a lot of the fathers were the liberating Canadians, has brought back some memories that I've never ever shared with anyone. that's why I'm writing this. don't ask me why I'm telling you all this when I've kept to it myself all these years. I too have a daughter everybody thinks has a Canadian as a father. She doesn't even know herself that it's not true." (Mf, inc)

Grandma Knows Best - by Ann Douglas - Grandma comes over and catches her grandson enjoying himself. (F/M-teen, mast, oral, voy, inc)

Grandma's Farewell Party - by MLG - Grandmother had lived a full 60 years, and done just about everything she ever wanted. But not everything. Her farewell party is intended to break taboos she grew up with, but had never witnessed or tried herself. (MMF, ped, nc, v, bi, inc, cast, bd, tor, scat, canib, sn)

Grandma's Secret Sex Life - by Anonymous - I was brought up my grandparents after my parents were killed in an auto accident. By the time I hit thirteen; I was always horny and jacked off all the time. Then one day I got this crazy idea to hide in my Grandma's bedroom closet and spy on her. (F/m-teen, inc, 1st, voy)

Grandmother - by Kacey - Kenny spent a week with his grandmother while his parents went on a cruise vacation. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, inc, mast, oral)

Grand Mothers Need Sex Too - by Allen - When a woman finds herself past her menopause, it doesn't mean that her libido and sexual desires come to an end. In this true experience, I explain how my grand mother turned out to be a woman who needed sex and how she and I satisfied that need in wonderful ways. (Fm, ped, mf, youths, inc, mast, oral)

Grandmother's Tale - by Pam - Sophie, the sixty year old, is feeling so horny! She tells us about her visit to her friend, Pam's house where she makes love with Wendy. Pam and Sophie go to the health farm, where they are waited on by the twins. (Ff, exh, inc, lesbian)

NEW Grandpa Helps Judy With Her Homework - by Johndough - A girl's grandfather does his best to help his granddaughter with her homework assignments, until one day because of a mix-up in communications, result in a more "hands on" lesson than she expected. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, oral, preg?)

Grandpa The Magician - by Trixiegal - Little Beth had mixed feelings about grandpa moving in with them because it meant she had to give up her room and move in with that old mean big sister of hers. She loved her grandpa very much because he was so much fun and would pay a lot of attention to her which she didn't think she got much of from the rest of the family. A six year old just wasn't that important when she had an eighteen-year-old big sister. (Mf, ped, inc)

Grandparent's Visit - by TJ - Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit and the entire family enjoys an incestuous orgy! (family, inc, orgy, ped)

Grandpa's Bath Robe - by Zadanoff - I always wondered if Grandpa's cock would get hard at my touch, wondered if, when I touched his balls, I could feel them tighten when he shot his hot load of cum all over me. It was a fantasy of mine that I developed, and I found myself laying in bed late at night, fingering my pussy, thinking of Grandpa's bare, muscular, hairy legs as he sat there in his favorite chair, watching some dumb program on television. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, inc, oral, mast)

Grandpa's Birthday Gift - by BLT - Paula goes over to visit her grandfather to see if she can get him to hint about what he'd like for his birthday. When she surprises him skinny-dipping in his backyard pool, she soon finds out what he "really" wants for a present. (MF, inc)

Grandfather's Surprise - by Ronald W. Simmons - I had no idea that he was in the shower. The water was off when I had opened the door, and I just walked right on in... and bumped into a naked man. I looked right at his cock, and was surprised at how much it turned me on to just look at it. It was my grandfather! (M/f, ped, inc)

Grandpa The Teacher - by Casper Writer - Young grandson with a problem id dropped off by his mother to stay the weekend with his grandparents. (MF/m-teen, ped, mast, inc)

Gregsons, The - by Erosscribe - The summer before his first year off college, John ends up serving as a chaperone for his five cousins at their parent's summer home, where they all get to know each other much better. The following serves as the prequel to and background for that particular tale. (MF-teens, 1st, inc) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Gretchen's Grandfather - by Pskao - When Gretchen's grandfather discovers her crying, he learns it's because her dead husband had had a vasectomy even knowing that she wanted children. So Grandpa gives them to her and then finds out that other females in the family want kids too. (MFF, inc, preg)

Growing Up In Healy - by Beating Off Bob - A coming of age story about two sets of siblings who grow up together miles from anywhere, and who discover all the good things in life together. Two plus two can equal six or eight under the right circumstances. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

Growth Spurt - by Gungadick - A father becomes the object of a young girl's sexual ploy. Or is he? (M/f+, ff, ped, inc)

Guarantee, The - by Frank McCoy - A boy's coming of age story. He gets to CUM of age with multiple girls, young and old in a litany of sexual escapades like you could only dream of. (MFmfg, 1st, ped, inc, orgy, preg)

Gym Rape - by Anon - A man rapes a young gymnast who was left alone to do her routine in the Gym. He plays cat and mouse with the girl, making her do her routines before he rapes her. Then her older brother shows up to walk her home. (Mdom/mg, extreme, ped, nc, rp, bd, toys, forced-inc, voy)

Hailey's Hot Night - by J.J. Cure - A young girl sorts through her feelings after seeing her girlfriend engage in an incestuous act. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, voy, 1st)

Hair Do - by Anon - A guy gets more than just a haircut from his sister the hairstylist. (MF, 1st-inc-expr)

Hal And Laura - by Anon - A passionate relationship develops between a successful businessman and his lovely 8-year-old adopted child. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Halfway to Heaven: Harper Delivers - by Peter Pan - Follows directly on from "Harper Valley: They Shoot Hussies Don't They?" (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, orgy)

Halloween Horror: Or Halloween Miracle - by Geminiguy - An undersized boy is attacked by an unknown beast and when he wakens he begins to notice changes in his body. (MF, inc, 1st, v, fant)

Halloween Mix-up - by Johndough - A young girl gets drunk at a Halloween party and her father comes to get her. By coincidence he has same Batman costume as her boyfriend and she begs him to fool around some more. One thing leads to another and another and dad and daughter's relationship is forever altered. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, 1st, rom, preg?)

Halloween Party - by Jones - Mrs. Miller finds a Halloween party flier notice on her car. Mrs. Brown also finds one on hers. It sounds fun and they wouldn't miss it. But they have no idea what's in the drinks or what will happen to their families when their inhibitions suddenly vanish. (MFmf, ped, inc, bi, exh, 1st, oral, drugs, orgy)

Halloween Strip - by Mack the Knife - A small-town boy gets a lot more than he bargained for at what promised to be the best Halloween party he'd ever been to. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, anonymous-partners, preg)

Halloween Treat That Keeps on Tricking, The - by Lord John Thomas - A young girl goes out Trick or Treating with her older brother. She not only gets her first experience playing with older boys, but also finds out the super natural can really be super. (Mf, ped, inc, nc, 1st, fantasy)

NEW Halloween Zombie Massacre - by Twiggy - Brigette and her brother's plans for Halloween get turned upside down when some unexpected zombies show up. This is not a usual zombie story: it has some surprising and shocking events that don't follow the conventional zombie rules. (mf-teens, nc, rp, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy)

Hangtown - by Anon - In a post-apocalyptic world, humanity is divided into several small isolated towns. The people of Ceston, obsessed with repopulating the world, execute any woman who cannot get pregnant. (MF, Mg, ped, inc, sn, nec, preg)

Hannah And Her Brothers - by Alex Hawk - A sister snuggles up in her brother's bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Hannah's New Friend - by Durango Dan - Twelve year old Hannah watched as the new neighbors moved in. She saw a girl about her age so she wandered over to meet her. They became close friends teaching each other many exciting things. (Mg, gg, inc, 1st)

Happy Days - by Anonymous - At age 17 something happened that changed the lives of my twin sister, a few of our friends and me of course. I have tried to be honest in this story, but have used some 'poetic license' wherever it was needed. Conversations are not totally as the words were indeed spoken, but the content is very close. (MF, teens, inc, orgies)

Happy Days: He Shoots, He Scores - by Uncle Mike - A really perverted episode of Happy Days. (M/f, inc, ped, Sitcom-parody)

Happy Easter, Alexis - by Snow Ghost - Teenage Alexis has been teasing for too long, now, she finally gets what she wants. Just not the way she expects to. (MM/F-teen, nc-drugs, voy, exh, inc)

Happy Family - by Nathan Foster - A story that starts out with a mother catching her daughter in bed with a boyfriend, then things turn into a mother/daughter thing. Now turned on to teenage flesh, mother explores her son's equipment and then the kids get together and... well, you get the idea. (Fmf, mf, ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, ws)

Happy Family - by StarGazer - A minister, his wife and his son and daughter have an unusual way of spending Sunday afternoons after church. (M/F, b/g, family, inc)

Happy New Year Mom - by Military Wife - Having a healthy sex drive, an absent hubby, alcohol, and two handsome young men to celebrate the New Years with can lead to some memorable experiences. A son's black friend is visiting for the holidays and becomes too much for mom. (MMF, inc, intr, young, wife, mom, son, cheat)

Happy Nicole - by Trail Leaver - Daily events of the teenage high school slut, Nicole. She goes on from fucking on the school bus to the master bed of her uncle and then to her dad. (Mm+/f-teen, ped, voy, inc, orgy, intr)

Happy Trails With My Sister - by Beating Off Bob - Dad takes Rob and his sister Lee on a two week camping tour of national parks, using a camper on the back of the pickup. Rob figures out that being in the back while they drive gives him a chance to take some pressure off. Lee figures out she might be able to do the same thing and uses his "sleeping" cock to make herself feel good. When it goes off, though, it's not where she planned. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast)

Hard Working Mom - by LWM - A young girl does all she can to help her tired hard working mom. (MFg, ped, bi, inc, 1st, oral)

Harper's Afloat - by Peter Pan - This will be the last Harper Valley episode appearing in the "Kristen Archives." To publish the concluding episodes would regrettably compromise sales of the book and be most unfair to those who have bought it. I would like to thank the great many of you who have taken the trouble to email me with questions and comments and on behalf of all of us, I wish you all a very happy Christmas. If you have daughters, love them for all they're worth! (Mf, ped, bi, inc, mast, oral, orgy)

Harper Valley Angels - by Peter Pan - Just one of the previously un-published Harper Valley episodes that occurred last year and which I am now more at ease in sharing with the general populous. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, bd, orgy)

Harper Valley: You Call That Unlucky - by Peter Pan - Well I'm sure most of you must have realised pretty much what I had realised by the end of HV New Blood! Most everyone had had sex but me! Speaking of which, I don't think I won (some might say 'earned') a great deal of sympathy or affection from readers over my knee-jerk, if not indelicate handling of Larissa. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, orgy)

Harper Valley: Endgame - by Peter Pan - That frenetic weekend party rocks on. My two daughters learn rather more than Doctor Seuss ever had in mind. (MF/f, ped, inc)

Harper Valley: Family Crisis - by Peter Pan - In response to several emotionally-levered emails received this week and in light of the fact it IS Christmas, I will submit one "last" Harpers episode... it will at least give closure to "Harper's Afloat." Please read the concluding "Author's Note" for a strictly short-term special offer. (MMf, ff, ped, bi, 1st, inc, orgy)

Harper Valley: In The Heat Of The Night - by Peter Pan - The thirty-fifth and final Harper recollection. Sometimes, with all the will in the world, one's actions are governed by circumstance rather than resolve. So it was on this occasion. (M+/fFf, ped, inc, mast)

Harper Valley: New Blood - by Peter Pan - Follows on from "You Never Know Your Luck at Harper Valley" available further down this page. Nothing can stay secret for ever and my biggest fear had been that one day Natalie might discover the truth about Harper Valley. In hindsight, I should have expected it! (Mf, ped, inc, mast)

Harper Valley: Once Bitten - by Peter Pan - Having never planned to return to the Valley, it seems the best of intentions can be fully negated during a moment of weakness. Jerry has a lot to answer for. (MMf, ff, inc, orgy)

Harper Valley: Outpatient Inquiries - by Peter Pan - Frankenstein had clearly documented problems with HIS creation, I seem to be heading down the same tortuous path apparently. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, org)

Harper Valley: Pleasure Dome - by Peter Pan - The moment of truth for Jenna and Kylie - not that I was any innocent party in their new-found freedom you understand. There was a line to be crossed and Hell, those two never took a backward step in their young lives! (Mf, ped, inc, orgy)

Harper Valley: Return of the Prodigal - by Peter Pan - I had vowed never to return to Harper Valley and in all honesty would never have done so - but female persuasion is a powerful thing and Hell, it WAS her last few days in the country after all! (Mf, ped, inc, bi, mast)

Harper Valley USA - by Filthy Fiction - This will be a continuing series depicting the melodramatic sexual adventures of a typical suburban family. For those who enjoy pantyhose stories, this series will focus heavily (though, not totally) on that particular fetish, as well as the obvious incest themes. (F/mf, FF, exh, inc, ped, etc.) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

Harry's Harem: Kristi - by Daydreamer69 - A man meets a young girl while out jogging one day. He befriends her and is soon able to have his way with her. (M/g, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, oral, anal, size)

Harumi's Birthday - by Dale10 - Harumi's Birthday is not a happy one, as his brother and friends work him over. (MM/m, asian, nc, v, inc, bd)

Having My Way With Mother - by Slider - After fantasizing for many years, a 14 year old boy finally gets an opportunity to have his way with his hot young mother. (Fm, ped, nc, inc, 1st, mast)

Hazel - by Jim Walters - I'm a slut. I love sex. Anybody, any time, any place, any way! The more the merrier. (MF, Mf, mf, 1st, ped, inc)

Healing Love - by Rapunzel - After Jess's mother dies, she and her father find comfort in each other's arms. (Mf, ped, 1st, inc)

Heather et al - by Dick Diamond - A compelling girl gets everything, and everyone, she wants. (M+/f-teen, ped, inc, bi, exh, cream-pie)

Heartbreaker Body - by Gopher King - A widower is seduced by his teenage daughter. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, exh, 1st, oral, mast, anal, rom)

Heaven Or Hell? - by Caesar - A man awakes in a strange place and believes that he's in heaven, but then he starts to wonder. (MFmf, ped, bi, inc, fantasy)

He Fills Their Needs - by Lanka Cream - An extended family suffers the loss of all its adult menfolk. The 3 generations of women, led by their 57-year-old matriarch, unite and establish a successful life. All that's missing is men partners. Their standards are high and no one qualifies until a little man in their life unexpectedly fills the gap. (FF/m-teen, inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Hello Harper Valley, Goodbye Innocence - by Peter Pan - At the point my attendance "in the Valley" became public knowledge - least in OUR family, I had a big decision to make. The female psyche is a persuasive thing I have to say! (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, orgy)

Helpful Brother - by Old Bill - Exploring and discovering among friendly teenagers. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Helping Around The Farm - by Mery Redrum - A son finds acceptance and love at home when all others scorn and tease him. His reluctant mother and agreeable grandmother come to the rescue in more ways then one. (FFm-teen, reluc, inc, mast, oral) Part 2

Helping Big Sister Out - Mandy - Michael Fisher (Mike to everyone but his 5'th grade school teacher) sneaked a peek into the partly opened door of his big sister's bedroom. At 10, the boy was just starting to get interested in girls, and lately had developed a habit of spying on his big sister (Big sister being relative. Mike actually outweighed his older sister by 5 pounds.) (mf, inc.)

Helping Hand - by Kathy P - Sister gives brother a helping hand - My sister Kathy is only a year younger than I and is a year behind me in school. Because we are so near the same age, we have always been very close to each other, confiding our secrets and presenting a united front in our relations with other people. I've always been the protective big brother, and she has been the supportive, adoring little sister. We respect each other's ideas and thoughts and depend on each other for advice and support. (mf, inc)

Helping Hand - by Robert - A doctor tells a young man with a medical problem they need a sperm sample. Unable to achieve orgasm himself he gets some help from his sister. (MF, inc, preg)

Helping My Mother - by Mary Redrum - A mother and father are involved in a fatal accident that takes the fathers life and leaves the mother with three limbs missing. The loving son helps her get better and much more. (m-dom/F, teen/adult, ped, inc, 1st)

Helping Sis - by CerfNurf - A big brother and his dog help sis get over a bad breakup. And she helps him "get over" too. (MF, beast, inc) Part 2

He Needed It Really Bad - by Lanka Cream - He was an only child living with his lovely voluptuous mother. Having entered puberty some years earlier than most his hormones were like a raging river. His lust for his mother could not be overcome. He executed a plan that did not turn out quite as he expected. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, lac, preg)

Her Little Sister - by Wood2Chuck - Allison with her angelic face, her compact young athlete's body, her high, soft breasts, her long, luscious legs and a light growth of neatly-trimmed hair on her pussy. Her mother longer and leaner, despite her more womanly shape, her body also firm and trim, her tits small and fine, drooping only slightly despite her age. And her glistening bare pussy. She certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, sitting beside her naked teenage daughter. They were both lovely, and I wondered how I got to be so lucky. (MFf-teen, inc, bi, underage, mast, oral, anal)

He Took His Pleasure While She Slept - by Lanka Cream - She was a voluptuous mature woman who had just about fallen asleep. She was interrupted by a delightful and surprising interlude. He thought she was sound asleep but she wasn't. He thought he was stealing his pleasure on her sleeping form. A very forbidden pleasure for both of them. (F/b, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Hidden Benefits - by GM - Panties in the Playground with eight-year-old Angie Raymond and her adult cousin, university student Brad Wilson. Angie persuades her two little friends to join her on the Jungle Gym, Brad lays plans to have all three at the same time... (M/g+, ped, voy, inc)

Highlight of the Evening, The - by Pet Shelly - A daughter comes home and tells her father about her date. Or is it all a game? (M/f-teen, inc, exh)

High Mowing Farm - by J Christopher - After a mother watches her son having sex with his girlfriend, a journey of erotic discovery for the whole family and their neighbors begin. (Fm-teen, ped, inc, voy, mast, oral, anal)

High School Diary Of A Cum Queen - by Dreamer4You - The naughty diary of a 16 year old high school girl who doesn't know right from wrong when it comes to sex. (MM/f-teen, mmf-teens, ped, inc, orgy)

Hiking in the Woods - by Butt-Munch - A troubled teenage boy stumbles across a brother and sister in the woods. (m-teen/bg, ped, inc)

Hiking with Uncle Dave - by Obmuj - She called him the Big Bad Wolf, and he said she was Little Red Riding Hood. At 15, she was about to find out how the children's story could lead to adult pleasure as Uncle Dave and she hiked the Blue Ridge Parkway. With her mother's permission. (M/f-teen, ped, inc)

His Favorite Sister, His Only Sister - by Lracson - Billy and Mindy were siblings living on a 40,000 acre ranch. They find interesting ways to keep each other happy, while still doing their share of the ranch work. Even their parents find time to enjoy life to the fullest - but should they? (family-inc, exh, nc, rp, ws, sn)

His Son's Sweet Little Ass - by Kip Hawk - A man decides he has to fuck his 13-year-old son after watching him at soccer practice. (Mm-teen, nc, inc, 1st-gay-expr, anal)

His Sweet Young Baby Girl - by PeeWee - A young girl helps her father with daily duties after an accident, including the care of his primal urges. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Hitchhiker - by Durango Dan - As I drove to my brother's house I picked up two youngsters who I had the pleasure of teaching all they wanted to know about sex. (M/mf, ped, inc, bi, 1st, oral, anal)

Hit the Showers - by Lisa & Sharon - Julie and Jennie giggled as they entered the locker room. They were the last girls to leave the pool, Julie giving Jennie a little lesson that would help her make her turns a bit tighter and faster. All the things Julie had been teaching Jennie over the years had paid dividends. Jennie was in particularly high spirits. It wasn't everyday that a freshman made the varsity swim team and her exuberance was contagious to her cousin Julie and they both were getting very silly. (ff, inc, voy, F-solo, M-solo)

Holden The Golden - by UR Null - 'The Catcher in the Rye' by J D Salinger was a hugely popular novel. It is a coming of age story of a seventeen years old boy named Holden Caulfield. Because Salinger used slang and discussed adolescent sexuality in an open way, many readers were offended, and 'The Catcher in the Rye' provoked great controversy upon its release in 1951. Here is a parody of this novel in a special way. Those who read the original would enjoy 'Holden the Golden' and those who will read this first may like to read the original later. (FFm, ped, inc, voy, 1st, anal)

Holiday Campout - by Hidden Friend - Daughter's tent floods out while on family camping trip. She has to share her parent's tent, and share other things too. (Ff+/M, inc, Ff)

Holiday Goes With A Swing - by Ellen - Beth and James take a Time Share in a villa in Portugal. Their new neighbors prove to be very interesting and hold a regular open house. (MF-couples, bi, inc, mast, oral, voy, swing)

Holy Holi Wholly - by UR Null - Holi (Spring Festival) is a major festival of India that is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of March. Great excitement can be seen in people on the next day when it is actually the time for the play of colours. On a holi day a indian boy gets closer to his aunt. (F/M-teen, ped, exh, inc, india)

Home A Day Early - by George - A man married his 18-year-old baby-sitter because his daughter loves her and because she's a sexy little woman. His work takes him on the road regularly, but one day he comes home early and gets the shock of his life. (M+/Ff, teens, cheat, orgy, inc)

Home After Dark - by Lovin Lingayet - Linda's head could barely be seen bobbing up and down over Rick's lap as he waved Bill good-bye and turned back toward the exit to the subdivision. The bastard would probably take his sweet time getting Linda home so that he could shoot off in her mouth, Linda's husband thought as he turned away and went back into the house. (MFg-mast, inc, rom)

Homebodies - by Jim Flavortang - After a young man discovers his girlfriend's infidelity and subsequent impregnation by another man, he seeks solace at his parent's home. He accepts the task of babysitting his younger sister and with her, finds true love. (MF, inc, mast, roal, cum-eating, preg, rom)

Home Coming - by Frskylthm - A young man who has always had deeply buried feelings for his mother and sister gets a wake-up call like he would never have believed when he comes home after being discharged from the army. (MF/mf-teen, inc)

Home Early - by Liquidgold - When Claire comes home from university too early and catches her parents "playing" with the family dog, it all leads to an incestuous orgy of the whole family, including a lot of animal sex, watersports and also gay sex between father and son. (MF, inc, bi, beast, ws)

Home From Private School - by Cornfed - Sister brings home a friend from private school and brother benefits from his kindness. (FFM, inc)

Home Improvement: The Boys Fuck Jill - by Marc - The boy's fantasize about their mom, but then Randy gets so turned on by his slumbering mother that he takes her while she's sleeping on the livingroom couch. (mm/F, nc, inc, drugs, rp)

Home Invasion - by Davef - A mother and daughter are victims of a home invasion. (M/Ff, nc, rp, forced-bi-inc, v)

Homeward - by DH Lawrence - Brother returns home, gets drunk with his sister and the has sex with her. (MF, inc, alcohol)

Homeward Bound - by Scooter UK - A father collects his daughter to take her home after her marriage fails and during the journey they have to shelter from a storm and can only get one room with a double bed. (MF, inc, oral)

Home Schooling - by JustWrong - Gwen's mom tutors her in the ways of fellatio, using dad as the unwitting test dummy! Meanwhile, Brandon dreams of his mother's ass... (MF/mf, inc, oral, mast, fam)

Homeless Niece - by Justa friend - A twelve year old girl is left homeless when her mother goes to prison. She is taken in by her uncle, where she proves to him and his friend that she is not just a child. (MMg, ped, inc, intr)

NEW Home With Mom - by Snow Ghost - A young man wants to spend some time alone with his Mom before he heads out for college. But he walks into a home robbery, and ends up spending more time with her than he ever imagined. (MMF, forced, inc)

Honey - by Old Bill - When her father loses his job, a young girl has to seek employment, doing what she does best. (M+/f-teen, inc, prost)

Hornes Syndrome - by Marcia R. Hooper - A 12th grader dreams of having sex with his twin sister. But how much of what he experiences is dream, and how much is reality? And who exactly, is doing the dreaming? (MF-teens, nc, inc, mast, sleepy)

Horny - by Silver Fox - A 14-year-old boy lusts after his mother. Then an Aunt gets into the picture too. (FF/m-teen, inc, 1st time)

Horny Aunt Margaret - by Anon - Margaret stood at the kitchen counter, smiling as she prepared the tuna salad sandwich that her nephew would take to school. Four times her hung, horny teenage nephew had fucked her the night before, shooting load after load into her. Margaret felt more sexually satisfied than she had been in years... (F/m-teen, inc, ped)

Horny Family - by Doctor Dan - Brother and sister are messing around with each other when Mom catches them at it. In this alternate universe instead of disciplining the children or trying to make them understand what they are did wrong, Mom is turned on by the sight of her children frigging each other and joins in. Then she has her friends join in too. (FF, Mf, inc, intr, ped)

Horny Like Mom - by Eros - Brother and sister are doing the "nasty" when their mom catches them at it. (F/MF-teens, underage, family-inc, oral, anal)

A Classic Incest Series

Horny Peeping Sister Series

Horny Peeping Sister 1 - by Cameren Diaz - Tom Moon sighed and stood with his legs spread wide apart. He stuffed both his hands down into the front pockets of his jeans and stared, his eyes wide with envy and wonder as the man inside the window slid onto the bed and took the lovely brunette in the black nightie into his arms and kissed her. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 2 - by Cameren Diaz - By the time Becky got home, her parents and brother were all seated at the dinner table eating quietly. From the look on her brother's face, Becky could tell that he'd already gotten his scolding and she slid into her place at the table, awaiting her own. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 3 - by Cameren Diaz - Each day after school, Tom and Becky were left alone in the house for a few hours until their parents got home from work. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 4 - by Cameren Diaz - In the next few afternoons, Becky and Tom spent plenty of time in bed together. They experimented, learning different ways to please themselves and each other. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 5 - by Cameren Diaz - Jim watched his daughter move her food around on her plate, arranging it into little piles and then smashing them flat. Obviously something was on the girl's mind, and he wondered what it could be. All the time she and Tom had been spending together lately had not gone un-noticed by their usually quiet father. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 6 - by Cameren Diaz - Each knowing he was as guilty as the other, Jim and his children could not reproach each other for their incestuous fucking. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 7 - by Cameren Diaz - The next week after her piano lesson, Becky was walking home down a dark alley, whistling her favorite piece when suddenly a man stepped out of the shadows and grabbed her by the arm. She started to struggle and cry out... (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 8 - by Cameren Diaz - While almost getting caught seemed to deter Jim from wanting to go out spying, it didn't bother Becky in the least. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Peeping Sister 9 - by Cameren Diaz - When his children told him about what he'd missed, Jim forgot his fears about going out spying. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more anxious he became to hit the streets again as soon as possible. (mf, voy, Mf, mast, inc)

Horny Sister - by Anon - A tale of incestuous relief between brother and sister. (mf-teens, youths, inc)

Horsey Games - by Rachel - A father and pre-teen daughter are "horsing around" only to explore more intimate play as both become aroused. (Mg, ped, inc)

Horsing Around for Halloween - by Beating Off Bob - When Larry and his twin sister Sandy go to a party in a horse costume, one thing leads to another until he ends up being the stud and she ends up being the mare... all in front of the whole school... sort of. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

Hot August Night With Dad - by Kip Hawk - The summer night was hot for more reason than one for Jeff and his sexy fourteen year old son. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, oral, anal)

Hot Girl - by Anonymous - Sister Voyeur story - "At the age of seventeen I moved into my older sisters house, taking over a bedroom and a washroom in the basement. It worked out pretty well; Peggy, my sister and her husband Rick, left me alone mostly and their kids, Jason, 14, and Julie, 13, were all right kids. I had my own entrance and shared the phone so I was nicely set for a girl of 17. The only problem was that the storage room and my two rooms were only separated by wood paneling and it was noisy sometimes." (mf-teens, inc)

Hot Horny Family - by Eros - A whole family practices incest even against the will of some. (F+/bg, ped, 1st, inc, bi, family)

Hot Hotel - by Kneehighneo - A step dad and son stay at a hotel for a wedding. (M-adult/M-teen, inc, 1st-gay-expr, anal)

Hot Mom - by Doggie_U2 - A hot mom is seduced by her 14-year-old son. Then he learns just how kinky his mom really is. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Hot Momma - by Jimmy D - I always thought my mom was a pretty good looking woman just comparing her to her friends and other women that I knew but I never thought about her in a sexual way, even a little bit until an incidence that happened last year. (mF, inc)

Hot Sex - by R Xeen - This happened to me about 5 years ago and it stands out today as the most amazing period of my life. It was a period in my life when sex came to me easily, almost too much at once, but a time I'll never forget if I live to be a hundred. (M+/F+, inc, cum-eating, orgies)

Hot Tub - by Gouryella - A guy and his cousin have fun in the hot tub. (Mf-teen, ped, inc, mast)

Hot Tub Blues - by Beating Off Bob - Jodie just wanted to be with the big kids, in the hot tub. So what if they were naked? So what if her brother was in there too? So what if she had to sit on his lap? (MF-teens, reluc, inc, 1st)

Hot Tub Family - by Simka Vbah - A day in the hot tub takes an unexpected turn for a girl and her brother. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, inc, 1st, oral)

Hot Wet Little Girl - by FOXI - Father and mother realize their little girl is hotter than they imagined. (MFg, ped, inc, 1st, beast)

House Mother, The - by Marcia Hooper - One night after a party, Lori Anne came home with her friends. They had been drinking and almost nailed by the cops. Her aunt May was home. Barely four years older than her errant niece, May is immediately dragged into Lori Anne and Keri's mess, and shares an experience none of them will ever forget. (FF, rom, inc, oral, mast)

House Of Lust - by IM Luck - A boy comes home early from school and watches from his bedroom window while his mother is talking to their neighbor Don. But soon he is watching a live sex show. The boy is torn between embarrassment and lust but not for long. (MF, Fm, ped, voy, inc, reluc, oral, anal, ws)

House Rule - by AlleysCat - Cindy's dad is coming to live with her and her husband Jack. Cindy's dad finds that he must follow one house rule; everyone must leave their clothes at the front door. (MMF, inc, rom, orgy, size)

Housewife - by Obmuj - A 40-something housewife, finds her first affair with a boy who is just old enough to buy a drink fulfilling. Meanwhile back at home, her 16 year-old son and 14 year-old daughter find out what can happen when they are left home alone and have their first affair. (F/m-teen, mf-teens, ped, inc, 1st)

How Daddy Got Over His Reluctance - by Signa - A fifteen year old girl seduces her confused father into slaking her lust and fulfilling her fantasy. (M/f-teen, ped, inc)

How I Got Rid Of It - by Your Ghost - A fourteen year old boy tells what happened the night his beautiful sixteen year old sister came home drunk. (mf-teens, youths, nc, inc, mast, oral, preg)

How I Met My Wife - by Lonelyhusbandtom - The story of how I met my wife - but I met her mom and dad first. (MMF, inc, voy, oral, mast, preg)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - by Snow Ghost - A young boy gets sent to his Uncle's farm for the summer and ends up servicing his country relatives. (MFmm, ped, inc, oral, anal, 1st)

How My Friend Stole My Wife And Daughter - by TheNewHorizon - This a story about a friend who takes advantage of my wife on the night I have a poker game and then takes advantage of my young daughter the same night and eventually steals both of them from me, making me a cuckold defeated and humilated man in my own house. (MFf, ped, reluc, inc, cuck, alcohol, preg)

How Nicole Became A Slut - by Trail Leaver - A brief history on how Nicole, the school slut actually became a slut. (M+/f-teen, ped, inc, nc, rp, v, 1st)

How Planning to Lose Your Virginity Can Go Wrong - by NinaGirl - Gabrielle plans to lose her virginity to her boyfriend; but her over protective brother's warning to any guy she dates gets in the way. Her brother's plan to keep his sisters virginity intact doesn't go so well either, when she comes home from her spoiled date and is pissed off at him. (MF-teens, reluc, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

How Ronny Throckmorton Was Saved From The Indians - by Beating Off Bob - Captured by Indians as a boy, he grew up as an Indian. When a white woman and her three children are captured by his arch enemy, endangering the tribe, he undertakes getting them back to where they belong. Along the way, though, they must abide by his customs, including his attitude toward sex. Rape is part of the story, but not a code. (MF, Mf, mf, ped, exh, inc, reluc, 1st, preg)

How We Live Our Lives - by Rrrumbler54 - My true stories are all 20 years old or so. Many readers have asked if we're still active, who - what - how and how often do we fuck, etc. I hope this will answer some of those questions. (MMF, voy, inc, oral, swing)

Huge - by Heatheranne - It's about a mother and an exceptionally well hung son. (F/m, inc, ped, size)

Huge: Chris And The Cheerleaders - by Heatheranne - Chris' mother decides to test her son's stamina by inviting his girlfriend, Cindy, and a few of Cindy's fellow cheerleaders over for afternoon snacks. (MF, voy, inc, size)

Huge: Chris And The Jane Doe - by Heatheranne - Chris "sees" his mom off on a business trip, and then "helps" a policewoman "nail" down a missing Jane Doe, by making himself "available" to people in the porn trade. (FFM, inc)

Huge: Chris Goes To College - by Heatheranne - Chris' mom reluctantly releases her son-the-stud into a world of college coeds, who have their own agendas for the hugely endowed young man. (MF, inc, mast, size)

Huge: Two - by Heatheranne - Heather and her son Chris find some unexpected partners in their love-play. (M/f-teen, F/m-teen, inc)

Huge: The Beginning - by Heatheranne - Sue had always lived next door to her grandmother; they called her Gram. And Chris, her first cousin, had always stayed at Gram's house when his mother was off on one of her frequent business trips. Sue and Chris had grown up playing together despite the fact that she was two years older. But as girls do, she had matured faster than Chris had. (mf, inc, cousins) -

Huge: Chris' Weekend from College - by Heatheranne - Chris, our well endowed hero, goes home from college for the weekend. He's not too happy when he's coerced into meeting his mom's boyfriend. But Chris cheers up when he gets to "meet" the boyfriend's daughters and ex-wife. (MF, inc, size)

Huge IX: Chris Gets a Summer Job - by Heatheranne - Chris, our well endowed hero, is home from college after his freshman year. He gets a job that brings mystery, danger and the usual bevy of beautiful babes. (MF, inc, orgy, size)

Humping With Howdy - by Holly Rennick - A tale of growing up with Howdy Doody. A tale of growing up with a brother. A tale of growing up. (MF, rom, inc, 1st)

Husband Shows Me Off - by Marcia - Husband loves showing his wife off, especially to young boys. (Fmm, exh, orgy, inc, bi)

Hypno-Therapist - by dale10 - A family goes to a famous psychologist for counseling, but he puts them under his power and turns them into the lowest kind of sex slaves. (MF/m-teens, ped, inc, exh, nc, bi, mc, huml)

I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass - by Anal King - A son needs his mother's ass in order to grow into a healthy adult. He asks her for anal sex but she only allows him limited access to her ass. He decides during a fingering session to take her anally without her permission. (F/m, inc, nc, anal)

Identical Twin Girls - by Sweet Irish - Twin 11 year old girls, identical until one submits to sex, and she was lucky she wasn't killed. Sandi gave up her virginity during her summer vacation, and she watched as her Uncle Dave showed Kandi something big. Would they once more become identical, Sandy wondered as she watched her twin and their uncle. (M/gg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st)

If - by UR Null - This is a novella about the pains and pleasures of an American teenage boy named Fred. (FFM-teens, voy, inc, 1st, oral, anal)

If The Shoe Fits - by Peter Pan - As a pre-cursor to recent events of the festive season that many 'Valley' readers are expecting to see in print in the very near future, it is essential now, in terms of background if nothing else, that I release for publication at this point, the chapter "If The Shoe Fits" which up to now has ONLY been available to purchasers of "Harper Valley: A Postscript." It is a rather long (30 page)recollection and probably unsuitable for anyone of a weak disposition sexually. (MFff, ped, bi, reluc, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy, rom)

If You're Going To Harper Valley Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair - by Peter Pan - Amazing just how healthy a young girl looks given the opportunity to "taste the forbidden fruit" on a regular basis. Kylie and Jenna were beginning to positively GLOW I have to say. I had really opened up Pandora's box. (Mf, ped, inc, orgy)

I Have a Dream - by Willingwhiteslut - This is my first story, so I hope it will be okay. It is actually more of my private fantasy than a story. None of this has really happened yet, but the dream becomes more and more powerful everyday and I am sure I will make some of it happen soon, one way or the other. (MMF, inc, nc, rp, intr, v, beast, sn)

I Knew Better - by Obmuj - The Summer of '53. Ah yes, those days from the 1950's gave me found memories. For Sylvia the summer she turned fifteen changed her life forever. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, rom)

I Loved My Sister - by SinpleAna - A story about irresponsible parents, children left in the dark and unknowingly committing incest. (MF-teens, nc, inc, preg)

I Love You - by EroticWriter - A woman and her man seduce her widowed mother. Interestingly done. (MF/F, inc)

I Love You - by Holly Wood - A mother-in-law is taken advantage of by her daughter and son-in-law. She's drugged and sexually exploited for her own good. According to her daughter. (MFF, inc, drugs, alcohol)

NEW I Love You Mum - by Jane the bitch Adams - Mum finds out what her son is getting up to and wants to join in. (MF, bi, inc)

In A Family Way - by Brush Strokes - A proud father turns into something more when he is gently seduced by his beautiful young daughter. (MF, inc, asian)

In Bed With Brother - by Anon - My brother Will came to visit while my boyfriend was on vacation. The couch is uncomfortable, so I let him share my bed. A simple good-night kiss developed into much more. (MF, inc)

Incarnation of Etta: A Young Mother's Sacrifice - by M. Cowperthwaite - Nobody ever accused Cherie of being a good mother. But when she and her 11 year old daughter fall into the hands of a bizarre and sadistic sex cult, Cherie finds out what it means to have to offer up herself fully to protect her child. This is her story. (MFFg, ped, dom, nc, rp, bd, oral, anal, intr, inc?)

Incest Digest - by RankAmatr - A late 90s series of incest sanerios proported to be from contributors. As far as we know there were a total of 23 issues total. (MF, FF, bi, inc)

Incest Dot Com - by Orcaman47 - Lindsey discovers her dad's interest in incest. (M/f-teen, ped, inc)

Incest Games - by Jolene Homes - Oh what a perverted world this family and their friends live in. They're all about incest, pedophilia and disgusting sex acts. Ob boy, what fun! (MFfb, ped, bi, inc, voy, orgy)

Incestual Urges - by Black Dick Thrower - A teenage boy is taught by the neighborhood slut and his lesbian aunt how to please women. (FFm-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

Incestual Reunion - by George M Smith - Living alone for the past five years after my bitter and expensive divorce from Adell, I was still in top physical shape at the age of 43, but in my celibate state, I was continually horny as hell, and even then, all by myself, my cock was hanging down like a Shetland Pony, ready to become erect at the slightest provocation. At the moment my only houseguest was my 38-year-old married sister, Mary Beth... (bro/sis, inc, rom)

Incestual Shrapnel - by Blackzilla - A brother catches his sister doing the nasty with her black lover and turns the tables on her. (MF, inc, forced, bro/sis)

Incestuous Accident - Chelsea B (?) - The first time my little brother and I fucked, it was an accident, really. Certainly we never meant for it to happen; we'd never thought of each other in a sexual way until that night. Now we're inseparable... (bro/sis, teen, inc)

Incestuous Piss-ants - by sbranson - Jane and Bill are brother and sister who are incestuous siblings into golden showers with each other. They began as young teens and moved their relationship to their grandparent's farmhouse after both grandparents had passed away and had left them the farm. (MF, inc, ws, preg) Part 2

Incestuous Slumber - by D-Man - A pretty unlikely incest story about a divorced father taking advantage of his drunk teenage daughter after she gets wasted from over doing it at a party. (Mf, inc, ped)

Incest Wife - by M.J. Jacobs - A wife finds true happiness sharing her body between her husband and her two sons. (MFmm-teens, ped, family-inc, mast, oral, anal)

Incredible Incest - by Lucky Jack - While out saving the world one day, Robert Parr (Mr. Incredible) discovers something that will bring his family closer in ways he never imagined. (family, inc, voy) Part 2

Indian Oedipus - by UR Null - An Indian boy lust after his mother but she was not ready for sex with him. Circumstances change over the years and then the boy finally conquers his reluctant mother. (M-teen/F, nc, rp, inc, india, preg)

In Frustration - by UR Null - A young man leaves his cheating wife and goes into the soothing arms of his mother Ceilia. (MF, exh, inc)

In Heat - by FOXI - Mother and scientist developing a new sex drug and decides to try it out on her daughter before marketing -- with dramatic results. (Ff, ped, inc, 1st, mast, anal, beast)

In Her Memory - by Mark E. Dassad - A father taking advantage of his daughters love for him. (Mf, ped, inc)

In Her Mind - by PeeWee - This is a story about a young girl with a little knowledge that she has gleaned from her very amorous parents and how she learns about one special boy and the relationship that develops between them. (mf-teens, nc, rp, inc, 1st)

NEW Initiation - by Foxi2 - A young schoolgirl wants to be socially accepted and finds out that it takes more than just good looks. (F/mf-teens, reluc, inc, mast, oral, anal, orgy, beast, voy)

Initiating Sam - by Phantom - Sam, a virgin, is initiated into sex and has a wild time with his aunt. His uncle guides and assists him as he explores her holes. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st) Part 2

Innocence Lost - by Tim S. - The joyful loss of innocence of a little boy due to the actions of his best friend, his father and others. (MM/b, bb, ped, inc, 1st-gay-exper, ws) Part 2

Into The Night - by Mtnman2003 - A mother and son enter the night alone. (F/M-teen, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal) Part 2 - Part 3

Inseminate Amy Club, The - by BigD - Husband finds videotape of cheating wife having sex with other men, including her own brother and finds out he is not the father of their children. (M+/F, inc, voy, preg, wife, cuck)

Insemination - by Alex Hawk - A young boy's sister decides to try a biology experiment where she would artificially inseminate herself with her brother's sperm. For said brother, life soon gets interesting. (F/m-teen, exh, inc, 1st, mast, preg)

I Shouldn't Do This - by Darla - A true romance story of teenagers that begins with the girl and boy at 15 years old. The day in which they shared their first time together and gave each other their virginity. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, rom)

In Sister's Sleeping Bag - by Pseudonymous - Rain on a camping trip forces me and my sister to share a sleeping bag and as things heat up I realise just how much I love her. (MF-teens, 1st, mast, oral, inc, rom)

Interviewing Mom: The Ball-Buster - by Caligula - A son with a big foot-fetish focused on his mom, and a mom who has a big testicular-fetish, so he takes it like a man. (MF, inc, v, fetish)

Interview With M - by Slim n' Dusty - This is the first interview in a series exploring female necro-sexual behaviour which Slim hopes to continue researching: 'M' is a funeral worker whose interest in necrophilia began at the age of 9. 'M' gives a fascinating insight into her growing sexuality, her relations with people living and dead. (MF, inc, funeral, nec)

In The Closet - by Kristen Marie - I knew my husband was interested in Brittney, our 14 year old neighbor, and the thought of him humping her ittle ass made me hot. But how to get them together? More importantly, how could I watch? (M/f-teen, inc, ped, voy, 1st, oral, mast)

In the FLiN - First Iteration v. 1.0 - by Alex Hawk - In the year 2122, young kids experience sex a lot differently from how we do! (mf-yteens, inc, sci-fi)

In The House At The End Of The Street - by Peter Pan - Can you describe a color to one who was born blind, tell a joke to someone in a coma? Is Incest a crime or simply an opportunity? (F/m-teen, ped, inc)

In The Mirror - by Laura McCarthy - I was doing laundry, and I passed by my son's room on the way down the hall. I started to open his door, and then realized that it was open just a crack. I was going to kick it open, carrying a load of clothes in my arms, when I noticed that I could see him in the mirror. He was standing before the mirror naked, he had his young hard cock in his hand and was stroking his fingers slowly up and down it. (F/m-teen, inc, voy)

Intimacy and Utterances - by Obmuj - A wife who has an affair, a husband who only wants young girls and a daughter who wants to commit incest. (MFf, ped, reluc, family-inc, bi, 1st, rom)

In Your Sister - by Frank McCoy - Guess what's in sister. A mother teaches her children a lesson when she catches them fooling around with each other. Very unrealistic. (fm, mc, inc, ped)

Incest Planned Baby - by Sbranson - A sister and brother from an incestuous family agrees to allow their children William 14 years old and Tina 13 years old who are cousins to make a baby when Tina begins having periods. (teens, family, inc, ped, preg)

Incestuous Piss-Ants - by sbranson - Jane and Bill are brother and sister who began an incestuous relationship with each other as young teens that included golden showers with each other. Their planned incest has brought them a set of daughter and son twins into the world. Jane and (Uncle)Bill are teaching the twins about incest through the use of all four wearing diapers. No is scat allowed. Only diaper peeing. (MF/bg, ped, inc, ws)

In The Dark, All Pussy Is Pink - by Michael Schumann - A plea for racial harmony, cast in the form of an incest story involving step-sibs. (MF, inc, intr)

In The Name Of Love - by FOXI - A young girl loses her family only to be taken in by an Aunt that she's never met. Her life changes in many ways, but little does she realize how differently her life would be. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, voy, mast, oral, anal, beast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Into The Palms - by Holly Rennick - Hey girl! Sunbathing on a nude beach, you drift to sleep. You're awaked by something long and hard slipping into your wet pussy! Oh my, it's little brother! You'll pretend that you're still asleep. Oh no, you can't hold still! Does this story make you horny? Like Wow? Then get a life with people in it, honey. "Into the Palms" has siblings on a nude beach, but it isn't that one, for goodness sakes! Give me a break! Holly (ff-teens, inc)

Invasion From Within - by JustDivine - Mysterious extraterrestrial beings devise a plot to invade the planet the planet earth. And what better way to infiltrate a civilization than from the inside out? (FF, herm, inc, sci-fi, lac, preg)

Invisible Man - by R_d_G - A weird thing happened in a man's life. He can interact physically with everything, but cannot talk or bee seen. This led him to new aspects of his life he always kept hidden in himself. He finds out about new type of pleasure as he walks through his daughter's high school. (Mf, ped, nc, rp, v, inc, sci-fi) Part 2

I Remember Mother - by Oediplex - Mom takes me back to college, a trip for just us two. Will I take her when we are back at the motel, alone together? (MF, inc, college)

Iron Mikie's Story - by IronMikie - A boy's coming of age incest story, learning how to make love to his mother. (F/m-teen, rom, inc, 1st)

I Seduced My Dad At Fourteen - by Anon - A daughter on a mission, from the tender age of twelve the little pixie has had nothing but her single dad on her mind, until one day, on her 14th birthday she seduces the poor horny man. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc)

Is It Right? - by Johnny MuchSexo - A girl in therapy is convinced by her therapist to recount the issue that made her parents enroll her with the therapy program. This is her letter with only typos corrected. (mf-teens, inc)

Island, The - by Alvin Leader - A family lost on a remote island; how are they ever going to survive without the head of the family? (Fbbgg, ped, family, inc, bi, 1st)

Island Resort - by Charon - How I got the perfect job, working as the only guy at all women's resort island in the Caribbean. (MF, inc, bi, anal, rom) Part 2

It All Started At Easter - by PeeWee - After helping my niece take care of an awkward moment, things develop into an incestual relationship, strangely condoned by her mother, with further possibilities. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, voy)

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - by Peter Pan - Circumstances led me one hot night, to fully overstep my parental authority. I had certainly never planned for such an eventuality and neither I'm sure, had my beautiful young daughter. At perhaps an emotional confluence in both our lives, the boundaries of social etiquette were irrevocably crossed. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st)

It Happens All The Time - by Dr. V More - A brother sister story. They don't like there home life; mom's shacked up with a brutish boyfriend who try's to make it with sister. There's a fight and the two teens leave home for parts unknown. (bro/sis, inc, 1st time)

It Happens Only In India - by UR Null - A young man lust after his mature mother. After some twists and turns he achievs his goal of fucking her. (MF, inc, voy, anal, rom)

It Gets Better And Better - by Ham - A grandpa's love never lessens as Holly finds out through out her life along with her husband. Grandpa taught her all about sex and then some, taking her virginity along with giving her, her first baby. Then taking her husband's anal virginity as well. (M/fm, ped, inc, bi, ws, preg)

It Just Happened - by Trish - When I was fourteen, my twelve-year old cousin and I sat on a chair together surfing the web and I accidentally touched her boob. (ff, youths, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr)

It's A Family Affair - by Hidden Friend - Brother and sister discover their parent's enjoying each other and the family dog. They find release for their sexual tension in each other and later the family pooch joins in too. (family, orgy, inc, beast)

It's Only Incest If... - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby's afraid they're going to commit incest. Terri explains why he doesn't need to worry. Then she explains it again. Then she explains it again. And again. And... well, you'll see. (MF-teens, reluc, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

It Started Innocently - by Dirk - Son goes home to Mother's for a visit and becomes involved with her and the next door neighbor. (MFF, voy, orgy, inc)

It Was Family - by Ham - For years Will knew he had to have her, before she had been much too young, then finally she was the right age and he knew he could wait no longer. He took her with a raging lust till his hunger was satisfied. Now years later he did the same with her lovely daughter, she to was a lovely young virgin. But he had a surprise of his own this time. (Mf, ped, inc, reluc, mild-ws)

Ivan The Terrible - by Kip Hawk - A Russian man makes kiddie porn with his nine-year-old son while the boy's uncle catches it on video. (M+/b, ped, inc, oral, anal, extreme)

I've Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates - by Dan Perducci - Stacy takes her new birthday gift for a spin to her best friend's house. (mff, teens, youths, exh, inc, 1st)

I Want You - by Pskao - A woman describes how she got pregnant for the first time in the late 1970s by a complete stranger, and how that act had excited her husband. She didn't learn who the stranger was until she visited her mother who had a photo of the man when he was a teenager. (MF, inc, wife, preg)

It Was A Long Hot Somers - by Heatheranne - The Somers family is a simmering bed of sexual frustration. Missy, the daughter, brings the family to a boil when she decides that her brother is a splendid candidate to ease her needs. (MF, mast, inc, voy)

It Was The Faulty Furnace's Fault - by The Watcher - It happened because we were all forced to sleep in the same bed, it was filthy cold and there was no heat in the house. How was I to know that our family would be destroyed in one passionate moment? (M/F-teen, inc, sleepy)

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