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Tonijah Criss · April 23, 2018

Beautiful and amazing (both Willa and the Thea personalit y). I don't know how the show does without you. Not sure there's another character who could be so messed up and torn, without the benefit of t...he backstory that Oliver has, and still be so darn lovable. Hope the next project is as great. See More

Marius Grys · April 3, 2018

Best actor in Arrow!
You make me smiley everytime i see you!
And you are a smart, friendly and goodlookin g wife! Wish i can see some more series or films with you as an actor :) ...
Hope we will meet at some day See More

Michael Cunningham · August 27, 2017

I think she one of the most beautiful Women in the world and a great Actress! !!I would love to see her in Movies and her Arrow Thea Queen "Speedy "get some more screen time, because she's awesome as ...Speedy! ! And I look forward to Arrow and the other CW shows in hopes of seeing more of Willa Holland and her Thea / Speedy character, I would love to see her appear on the Flash even when it's not a Crossover episode, or see her Appear on the Legends of tomorrow! !
#LoveWilla TheaSpeedy See More

Garewolf Santia · September 15, 2017

Willa is always Quite Stunning, Very Beautiful / Hot & talented young actress.. I really love her as Thea Queen (Speedy) in the Arrow tv show.. Like another person was saying !!! It would be pretty c...ool see her make guest appearance on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, maybe Supergirl too.. Think she already met Melissa (Kara) once before.. ;) See More

Adam Smith · February 4, 2018

Helava actress!! ♥ to see her as Speedy again!!!!

Assem Khaled · November 2, 2017

What's there not to like. I miss her on Arrow and I think the show would hugely benefit from her reprising the role of Speedy. We have a cool Black Canary, so why not a cool Red Arrow.

Steve Bigler · December 7, 2017

I would totally pull her into TSA secondary inspection !!! She is totally secondary worthy!

Arren Laygo Casison · November 24, 2017

Because i love willa. �
Please come back to Arrow

Michael Burns · September 11, 2017

As much as I like Arrow, how is Hollywood not casting her in every movie they picked Jennifer Lawrence for instead?

George Maza · July 26, 2017

Absolutely beautiful and amazing actress. Her acting skills are out of this world. I love all of her work and hope to see more to come.

Ami Alianovna · May 27, 2017

I love willa holland. Great actress..H er acting in Arrow is so cute. She was amazing in every season of arrow.

George A. Zaragoza · June 16, 2017

Willa Holland, your so beautiful, love you on Arrow.

Luca Paul · May 27, 2017

Amazing actress, been watching the arrow for a good couple of months. keep up the good work :)

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Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos

Willa Holland photos